George Boone III

  • Birth: 19 MAR 1666 Stoak, Near Exeter, Devonshire, England
  • Death: 27 FEB 1744 Exeter Township, Berks, PA
  • Burial: 28 JUL 1744 PA-Berks-Exeter-Friends Burial Ground
  • Sex: M
  • Living: N





Source: Marriage: 16 Aug 1689 Stoke, Canon, Devonshire, England

Source: The Boone Connection by Barry L. Shurr The Boone Connection by Barry L. Shurr

George Boone III, the son of George Boone II and his wife Sarah Oppey, was born in l666 in Stoak, a village near the cathedral city of Exeter in Devonshire. George III's father was a blacksmith who was born and lived his entire life near Exeter, England.

George III married Mary Maugridge who was born in l669 in Bradnich, a village eight miles from Exeter. This village still exists today tucked in a valley between the rolling hills of Devonshire. The village has changed very little since George and Mary left there almost three hundred years ago. In St. Deison Church, Chuch of England, on December 25, l697, their son Squire, father of Daniel Boone, was baptized.

Sometime between this date and l7l3, the Boones became members of the Society of Friends. George and Mary were members of the Callumpton Meeting from which a certificate of transfer was presented to Gwynedd Meeting in Philadelphia County on Octrober 3l, l7l7. This certificate attested to their good life and orderly conversion while members of the Callumpton Meeting. This was well received by the Friends of Gwynedd.

George's three eldest children, George IV, Squire and Sarah had been sent to Pennsylvania by l7l3 to investigate conditions there. The reason that the Boone family decided to emigrate, according to one tradition, was because William Penn, who was establishing a colony in the new world was a friend of George Boone III. Probably economic and religious persecution were also reasons to emigrate. It certainly was true that their Quaker affiliation had much to do with their decision to leave England. Attending Quaker Meeting they could not help hearing of fellow members who sailed to Pennsylvania. Undoubtedly too, George received favorable reports from his children and on August l7, l7l7, he, his wife Mary, and their six dhildren left Bradnich and went to Bristol where they took passage. They arrived at Philadelphia on September 29, l7l7. George was a weaver by trade and had been very frugal and saved up quite a sum of money for this trip.

George Boone did not seem to have a definite location in mind when he and his family arrived in Philadelphia. They went first to Abingdon, now Abington, where their son, George IV, had lived with his wife Deborah Howell since l7l8. George IV taught school here. The Boone family remained in Abington only a few months, then moved to North Wales, now Montgomery County, where they lived for two years.

In l7l4, Sarah Boone, daughter of George III, married John Stover. John Stover purchased five hundred acres of land along the Manatawny Creek in Oley. It is possible that through John Stover the entire Boone family eventually settled in the Oley area too.

George Boone III took out a warranat for a piece of land at Oley containing four hundred acres on December 20, l7l8. This was confirmed to him, but not patented until January 3, l734. George III paid fourteen pounds per hundred acres plus fourteen shillings quit rent. His son, George IV, purchased four hundred acres of land adjoining his father's along the Monocacy and the Limekiln Creeks.

George Boone and John Stover were among the signers of a petition dated September 5, l720 which requested the formation of Olay Township out of Philadelphia County.

George Boone III was fifty-five years old when he moved to this area in l720 and built a long cabin (the chimney is all that remains today) in which he and his wife reared their childlren. Some of the land was cleared for farming and a tannery was constructed a short distance from the log home. In l733, George built a stone house near the log cabin. There is a spring close to the stone house and it is probably the reason the house was built where it was. There are overflow canals from the spring to the Monocacy Creek. This house was completed a year later and it was at this time that he finally received a patent for his land. This house is still standing today and is called Boonecroft. For some reason, George and Mary never moved into their new home but turned it over to their son James in l734.

The Boones were Quakers and meetings for worship were first held at the home of George Boone III, and occasionally at the home of Anthony Lee. Five years later, in l725 with more Quakers arriving, the Gwynedd Friends granted the Oley Friends a preparative meeting. The first meeting was held on May 27, l725. The following year, the Oley Friends erected a small log meetinghouse (near the present stone structure) which stood until l737.

In December of l736, George Boone IV and his wife Deborah, deeded one acre of land to Anthony Lee, John Webb and Squire Boone for a consideration of twenty shillings. These men then conveyed this tract over to Ellis Hughes, Thomas Ellis and James Boone in trust. This conveyance set the tract aside for a house of religious worship for the people called Quakers in Oley. On this tract they would also lay out a burial plot. This land was for no other use and service whatsoever.

A year later, a larger round log meeting house was erected on the same site as the smaller one. At this time, after a request to the Gwyneed Monthly Meeting had been granted, a monthly meeting was establshed with the consent of the Quarterly Meeting, to be called Oley.

In the year l742 by the division of the township of Oley this property fell into Exeter Township and the name was changed to the Exeter Monthly Meeting. The first meeting under this new title was held April 24, l742.

Friends continued to grow in number and in l759 the present stone building was constructed on a plot of ground to the east and just across the road from its two log predecessors.

George Boone III died in l744 and is buried at Exeter. His wife Mary died in l74l and is also buried at Exeter.

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