Solomon Caton

  • Birth: ca. 1804
  • Death:
  • Burial:
  • Sex: M
  • Living: N



  • Martha Caton



Source: BORN: ABT 1804, , ,NC

            DIED: , 
            BURIED: , 
            MARRIED: Martha CATON Mrs., 

UPDATE: 1994-11-14

       OCCU: Farmer
       LAND: $300
       FATHER: Will Book 1 p 525

1850 Census has two families next to each other: 05108,0818-01,M,Solomon,,Caton,46,Farmer,300,NC [Brother of Moses, son of Jessee] 05109,0818-02,F,Martha,,Caton,34,,,TN 05110,0819-01,F,Charity,,Caton,72,,300,NC 05111,0819-02,F,Mary,,Caton,42,,,NC 05112,0819-03,F,Olive,,Caton,35,,,NC 05113,0819-04,F,Charity,A.,Caton,25,,,TN


Source: July 2004

Hi Mark, I have some more information on the Catn and Goff familys. Lioyd Goff has a copy of Solomon Caton will and has given it to Gean Caton Nelson another Caton reseacher who lives in New Bern NC near the home of our Caton ancestors. She has been working on this for several years and tells me she has 1750 pages which she will send to me. She has already sent 75 pages. What I know is what I have been told on the phone Solomon Caton was killed in the Cival War in Shreveport 1865- 1869. Gean tells me that Nancy Caton Goff was actually Hancy Caton Goff. Lawrence CO AR. Census 1860 House # 1599 Jesse Goff 38 wheelright 2000 1800 TN.

                   Nancy Goff  40                                   NC
                   Solomon C.  14                                  TN
                   Maranda  12                                       TN
                   Jesse      10                                       TN
                   Josephus  8                                        TN
                   John P.   5                                          AR
                   Timothy  4                                          AR
                   Charity  2                                           AR
                   Bill Jones  23                                      AR

House # 1422 Solomon Caton 56 farmer 1000 1000 NC

                     Martha  42                                           TN
                     Charity  82                                          NC
                     Mary  52                                             NC

House # 1421 William Stenbridge 29 farmer 400 550 TN

                    Olive  40                                                NC
                    John C.  5                                              AR

Solomons will mentions family as Charity, Sarah Vanhooser, MO [maybe Webster Co.] Elizabeth Goodson [maybe Warren CO TN.] Mary Caten, Olive Stenbridge, Hancy Goff .Charity Ann Walling Don't know if Moses and Nancy Jaco are mentioned. Brother John P. died in 1850 from a chronic illness. Sarah Caton was probably the oldest child. Robert Purser, Charitys father names his daughter Charity Caten and her daughter Sarah Caton to recieve 50 acres of land in NC. This was in 1807. I am sure Gean Caton would be glad to share anything she has with you. I am sure she would like to have your information to put in her book. In the Warren Co. census of 1830 it shows Jessee as havin 3 boys and 7 girls. This would account for all of them. If I get a copy of Solomons will I will send it to you. Sincerely, Maxine

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