Joseph Dildine

  • Birth: 8 APR 1838 Hartford City, Blackford Co, IN
  • Death:
  • Burial:
  • Sex: M
  • Living: N



  • Elizabeth Williams



See Blackford County Civil War Certificate and Dedication


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JOSEPH DILDINE, farmer section 8, Jackson Township, was born near Hartford City April 8, 1838. He is the son of Sampson and Sarah (Highland) Dildine, natives of Pennsylvania, his father born October 19, 1799, and his mother February 28, 1799, and both removed to Ohio with their parents in 1812, the former settling in Dayton, and the latter in Lancaster County. They were married in Hancock County August 27, 1827, and in 1837 came to Blackford County and settled near the present site of Hartford City, and 1853 moved to a farm on section 8, Jackson Township, where the mother died January 21, 1871, and the father March 29, 1879. They were the parents of five children, as follows Ralph, born March 23, 1828, died December 30, 1880, leaving a wife and ten children; Jesse, born April 7, 1830, lives on part of the old homestead; Maria, born February 11, 1832; died April 10, 1876, laving six children; Effie, born January 27, 1835, died January 2, 1870, leaving five children, and Joseph, who was the youngest. His paternal grandfather died in 1855, aged eighty years. His grandmother died in 1812. Then had six children Sampson, Martha, Sarah, Allen, Richard and Abigail. His grandfather was married a second time, and to the second marriage were born five children John, William, Rebecca, Volentine and Effie. His great-grandparents were natives of Germany and came to America in an early day, settling in New Jersey. His maternal grandparents, Joseph and Massey (McDonald) Highland, were of Scotch-Irish ancestry. Joseph Dildine was fifteen years old when his parents moved to Jackson Township, and he has since lived on the farm, then bought by his father, and is now the owner of eighty acres, which is well improved and under cultivation. He was married March 19, 1868, to Elizabeth Williams, who was born in England in October 1, 1843, a daughter of James and Mary (Richards) Williams. Her father was born December 26, 1804, and her mother March 7, 1816. In 1852 her father came to America and located near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where he worked at the tailor's trade, and in 1853 the mother and children followed him. In 1855 they moved to Clinton, Ohio, and from there in 1861 to Blackford County, Indiana, where the father died December 2, 1872. The mother still lives on the homestead. They has a family of nine children, seven of whom lived til maturity Anna, born April 7, 1841, died August 7, 1881, leaving five children; Elizabeth, born January 1, 1843; James R., born January 26, 1845, Hannah G., born October 28, 1846, is the wife of Dennis Garrity; Amelia, born April 27, 1850; Henry, born April 10, 1852; William J., born September 30, 1856. Mr. and Mrs. Dildine have two children Sarah J., born November 18, 1870, and Stella A., born January 15, 1876. Mr. Dildine was appointed assessor in 1884 to fill an unexpired term, and in the spring of 1886 was elected to the same position for a term of four years.


JOSPEH DILDINE, Joseph Dildine, a well and widely-known citizen of Jackson township, Blackford county, Indiana, whose postoffice is Hartford City, is a native of the later place, having been born there April 8, 1838. He is a son of Samson and Sarah (Highland) Dildine, both of whom were natives of Pennsylvania, and both of whom removed to Ohio when about thirteen years of age. They were married in Hancock county, that state.

The boyhood of Joseph Dildine was Dildine, a native of New Jersey who died at the great age of eighty-five years. (Transcriber's note this is an exact transcription of the sentence) His father was a native of Germany. In 1837, with his wife and family of five children, he settled in Indiana, beginning life on a farm on a part of which the present Catholic church stands. To this land he added other acres from time to time until he was possessed of two hundred and forty acres, a considerable portion of which is within the limits of the corporation, to which in 1839 he donated a portion of the first town plot. He was a citizen of the county at the time of its organization, and was thus one of its pioneers. He made the brick of which the first county court house was constructed, and also the first brick at Hartford City. In addition to his two hundred and forty acres of land in Jackson township, he also owned land in Wells county; but on his Jackson county farm he lived until his death, which occurred March 29, 1879, when in his eightieth year; his wife died in 1871, in her seventy-second year.

They were the parents of five children, as follow: Ralph, who died in Neosho county, Kansas, in his fifty-third year, he having been on of the early residents of Kansas; Jesse, a shoemaker of Hartford city; Maria, who married Ira Sharp, and died in Neosho county, Kansas, at the age of forty-four; Effie, who married Thomas Moore, and died in Jackson township at the age of forty-six; and Joseph, the subject of this sketch.

The boyhood of Joseph Dildine was passed at the home of his parents until he was eighteen years of age, and he worked with his father on the farm until he was married to Miss Elizabeth Williams, March 19, 1868. Mrs. Dildine is a daughter of James Williams, and was born in Monmouthshire, England. She came to the United States settling in Pennsylvania when ten years of age, and removed to Indiana in 1864. Upon their present farm, which was purchased when the former was fifteen years old, Mrs. And Mrs. Dildine have lived since their marriage.

Samson Dildine was an old-line Jackson Democrat. Joseph Dildine served two terms as township assessor, and has been township trustee continuously for five years, and had performed much labor in keeping the drains cleaned and in good repair. He has also labored to pay off the township debts, and has built three new school-houses believing the better the school-houses and the better qualified the teachers, the better it is for the community at large and coming generations. The methods followed by Mr. Dildine in the performance of his duties are not in any way influenced by political considerations. He is a strong Democrat and believes in the principles advocated by William Jennings Bryan.

Mr. Dildine served thirteen months in Company H, Twelfth Indiana Volunteer infantry, under Lieutenant George Steele, enlisting in 1861. At the expiration of the above-mentioned period he was discharged for disability, for which disability he is now a pensioner. Mr. Dildine's services in the army of the United States were performed mainly in Maryland and Virginia, principally in the vicinity of Washington D.C., but it was the fortune of his regiment not to be engaged in actual battle. He has not united with the Grand Army of the Republic.

The children of Mr. and Mrs. Dildine are: Sarah Jane, a well-educated young lady, who has taught school several terms, and is now assistant postmaster at Glenwood, Colorado; and Estelle, who has also taught several school terms, beginning when she was seventeen years of age, and who, like her sister, was given the best education the times afforded. Mr. Dildine's family are all highly esteemed by all who know them for their high character and ennobling aims.

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