Daniel Aaron Dildine

  • Birth: 24 MAR 1863 Hartford City (Blackford) Indiana
  • Death: 20 APR 1950 Fowler (Fresno) California
  • Burial:
  • Sex: M
  • Living: N



  • Pearl Malinda Jane Boman



Married at Iola, Kansas to Pearl Malinda Jane Bowman, daughter of William S. and Elizabeth Bowman. She was born at Chanute, Kansas 10 August 1879 and died in Fresno County, California 27 September 1948.

Daniel and Pearl migrated from Kansas to California in 1911, settling first at Kennett, California, which is now under the waters of Shasta Lake, then moving to Laton, Fresno County whee they resided until death. Daliel was a carpenter by trade. They are both buried in Fowler Cemetery.


1. IVA ELLEN, born Moran, Kansas, 13 March 1894, died Fairfax, California 14 August 1963. Married (first to Theo Struck, (second) to John H. Herman.

2. ARTHUR AARON, born Moran, Kansas, 30 May 1897, died Livermore, California 9 May 1957. Married Edna Cutler. Their children: 2.1 ARTHUR CUTLER, married Dana June Lemm. Their children: 2.1.1 DENNIS LEE. 2.1.2 MARK ELIOT. 2.2 JAMES H. , married Alice Asbill.

3. ROY WILLIAM, born Great Bend, Kansas, 10 December 1899, died Fresno, CA 27 Dec 1963. Married at Paso Robles, Ca. 25 Dec 1925 to Gail Adams. Migrated to Kennett, CA with his parents, later moving with them to Laton, CA. After finishing school, he returned to Kennett to work in the copper mines. He enlisted in the Aerial Service of the Army during WWI, stationed at Selfreege Field, Michigan, and Ellington Field, Texas, as an airplane mechanic. Honorably discharged July 5, 1919 with St. 1st Class A.M. Rating. In 1936 he bought a 24 acre ranch near Templeton, CA and developed it into the family home. In 1942 he enlisted and during WWII spent thre years in the Navy, two of them stationed aboard an APC 40 in the South Pacific Guadalcanal area. He was discharged with a Chief Motor Machinist rate. He was an automobile mechanic most of his life, having his own business in Templeton. He died in Fresno Veterans' Hospital and his ashes are buried in Fowler Cemetery, Fowler, CA. Children: 3.1 LEROY WILLIAM, born Salinas, CA 3 May 1932., died Paso Robles, CA 14 Nov 1969. Married at Paso Robled 10 Feb 1961 to Carolyn Bollinger. Children: 3.1.1 BARBARA GAIL.

4. MABEL FLORENCE, born Healey, Kansas 16 February 1903; married (first Cecil L. Faulks, (second) Leonard Napier.

5. EARL RAYMOND, born South Mound, Kansas, 3 August 1905, died Fresno County, CA in 1955. Maried (first) Anna Chalmers, (second) Alta Norman. No children.

6. LOUELLA, born 20 January 1911, died 25 January 1911.

7. VERA VALENTINE, born Laton, California 14 February 1915, married (first) Kenneth Spike, (second) Frank Nunes.

8. ADA MAE JUNE, born Laton, California, 5 June 1919. Married to Joe Cornelius.

* “Autograph book entry. Daniel Aaron Dildine”: * Sue Dildine Zeni * lzeni@home.com * 03/18/2000

Iva Dildine's Autograph Book. Contributed by Bettie Faulks. Iva was the daughter of Nathan Aaron Dildine and was born in 1894.

“I love pumpkin I love squash I love you Do you [unreadable]”

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