Thelma Imogene Dildine

  • Birth: 09 JUL 1905 Parsons, Kansas
  • Death: 27 APR 1963 Walnut Creek, California
  • Burial: CA-Contra Costa-Lafayette-Oakmont Mem Park
  • Sex: F
  • Living: N





Fletcher, Nina, Ethel, Ruth and Thelma Dildine

Oakmont Memorial Park, Lafayette, Contra Costa Country, California

Ethel, Thelma, Nina Dildine Photo Nina and Thelma Dildine Photo

Married: 6 Aug 1923. Reno, NV

Source: Joanne Truitt.

1910 Federal Census. Listed with parents in Shasta Co., California. Age 4. 1920 Federal Census. Listed with parents in Oakland, Alameda, Ca. Age 14.

Death Certificate confirms death and cause - arteriosclorotic coronary heart disease. Died in Kaiser Foundation Hospital in Walnut Creek, Ca. Residence was 133 Gaywood Road, Alamo, Contra Costa, Ca.

* Gradeschool diploma (1920) * Mark Hicks * * 04/04/99

* “Installed as Worthy Matron 4 Dec 1949”: * Mark Hicks * * 04/02/99

* “Photo: Thelma I Schleifer w/ Family”: * Mark Hicks * * 08/03/99

Click on icon for high resolution image. Installed as Worthy Matron, Los Cerritos Chapter #234. 1949.

* Photo: Dancing * Mark Hicks * * 04/04/99

Photo found in envelope containing Marriage License

* Birth Certificate * Mark Hicks * * 04/05/99

Issued in 1962. Apparently not previously recorded.

* “This message I leave with you at my Transition” * Mark Hicks * * 05/01/99

Notes left by Thelma Schleifer:

“For my funeral, Song of Sweet Mystery of Life. This message I leave with you at my Transition

The termination of this life's experience I approached with reverence, awe, and a simple faith. I do not contemplate with regret a past, or speculate with apprehension a future state. I pursued and enjoyed the rhythmic flux and flow of this life's events.

The span of years, allotted to this mortal form, is short at most.

The experience that I have gained will serve me well, I know, in whatever realm there lies beyond. Why should I hesitate, fear, question or debate that great mysterious unknown, from which few travelers have as yet returned?

Is there any greater mystery whence we go than from whence we came?

How can I distinguish clearly betwixt that which was before, and that which lies beyond this panoramic scheme of things, this passing parade of which I have been consciously aware for so brief a span of time?

I hold to this grand summary:

- That the breaking of this new day (birth), which this life must of necessity have been to a soul that would know experience; and this revealing unfoldment called Life, is but a prelude, a preparatory overture.

- When I take my departure from this earth, and step forth upon the threshold of that great destiny which lies beyond, I am convinced I shall be adorned only with the raiment woven from the fabric of my living here and now.

- The warp and woof of which shall be my thoughts, my deeds, my words, and motivating impulses; my acts, actions, reactions, spontaneous, planned, or stimulated from my choices, decisions, commands, demands; my joys and sorrows; my elations and deflations - all woven into a pattern distinctly mine and mine alone.

This transition called death cannot, shall not rob a soul of its inheritance. What this preparation is for, what this transition is to, what the inheritance is, that I do not know. It has not been revealed to me. I leave it all in trust and faith to the Designer, Builder, Operator of this universe.

[taken from Clinton Allen Wood]

Song: “Deep in the Heart of God.”


Oh, my darling and living daughters, I am living, warm as you; Death was never so at all - only life is true. all of us are living whom the world thinks cold; All of us are radiant and none is old… Darling and my daughters, I am close to you - close, did you but see. Could you reach a little way, you could come to me. My darling and my daughters, could you look at me, as I look at you, You would see that never death - only life - is true.

[source unknown]

* Letter from Order of Eastern Star (1943) * Mark Hicks * * 04/05/99

* “Thelma with Grandkids. 1953. 48th birthday”: * mark * * 05/22/2005

* “Thelma Schleifer cemetery marker”: * Mark * 07/26/2005

* “Thelma Dildine Portrait”: * Mark * 07/26/2005

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