Nina Lucille Dildine

  • Birth: 31 OCT 1921 Oakland, Ca.
  • Death: 15 JAN 1994
  • Burial: CA-Contra Costa-Lafayette-Oakmont Mem Park
  • Sex: F
  • Living: N



  • Roland Thomas Belmessieri


  • Living
  • Living


Oakmont Memorial Park, Lafayette, Contra Costa Country, California

Ethel, Thelma, Nina Dildine Photo

Married: 5 May 1940. DOD confirmed from SS Index. Roland Belmessieri b. 21 Dec 1919; d. Oct 1985. Confirmed from SS Index.

* Nina and Thelma Dildine * Mark Hicks * * 11/17/2004

Sue Zeni: But also my Aunt Carmen and my cousin Sandy both brought me old photo albums that they've just discovered. They have a wealth of old photos in them from the Kennett days - campouts, Muzzie's house and Muzzie chasing chickens, etc, - most of them happily labeled. In fact 2 of your 'mystery' photos from your website are among them - photo DildA003 is labeled 'Ethel, Thelma and Nina'; DildA004 is labeled 'Thelma and Nina.'

* “Nina and Roland Wedding”: * Mark * 07/26/2005

Mario - Bestman, Audry Schleifer - Maid of Honor

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