Zona Francis Green

  • Birth: 18 AUG 1873 McMinnville (Warren) Tn
  • Death: 1 NOV 1945 Paris, Tx
  • Burial: TX-Lamar-Paris-Evergreen Cemetery
  • Sex: F
  • Living: N





See: Reflections by Ruth Harvey Echols.

Source: http://tn-3.rootsweb.com:8080/~marce/cgi-bin/lcem_search.cgi Burial: Evergreen Cemetery. Location: J-08NE-03 Signature on RL Hicks probate record: 2nd marriage to E.J. Burns June 29, 1899. Birthplace: obit says “Mendville, TN”, WGH notes say “McMinnville, TN”. McMinnville is Warren County.

Lost two children in infancy during 1900 - 1910. See obit and also the 1910 Census record.

Member of Antioch Baptist Church in Talty, near Crandall, Texas.

Source: 1900 Census (Soundex). Texas; Kaufman County; Pct 7; p.15 L.67 NAME REL BIRTH AGE PLACE Green, Sam 52 Tennessee Green, Martha W May 1848 52 Tenn Green, Hanna D Mar 1877 23 Tenn Jones, Hattie GD Jan 1896 4 Texas Jones, Samuel GS Nov 1898 1 Texas Green, Sanford S June 1879 20 Tenn Green, Emma D Feb 1884 16 Tenn Green, Frank S Feb 1886 14 Tenn Green, Lola D June 1887 12 Texas

* Marriage License to E.J. Burns * Mark Hicks * 03/24/99

* Obituary - Zona Green * Mark Hicks * mhicks@bizmark.com * 03/24/99


Was Zona Francis Green. she was born at Mendville (should be McMinnville in Warren County), Tenn. Aug 18th 1873, and died Nov. 1st, 1945, making her stay on earth 72 years. She came to Texas with her parents when she was 14 years old, moving to Kaufman County, and living there 22 years. She was married to Mr. E.J. Burns in 1899. To this union six children were born; two having died in infancy. Surviving are Jack Burns and Mrs. Vera Bradford of Paris, Texas, Alton Burns of Jackson, Miss., and Mike Burns of Blossom, Texas. She had four children by a former marriage - Baxter Hicks, (deceased, giving his life in World War 1), Bennet and Robert Hicks of California, and Mrs. Bessie Harvey of Paris, Texas. she has 15 grandchildren, four sisters and one brother living. She moved to Lamar County with her family and lived there until her death, which occurred in her home in Paris, Texas, after several years of failing health. She joined the Antioch Primitive Baptist Church near Crandall, Texas, about 40 years ago, with her husband. they put their membership in Blossom Prairie Church at Milton in Lamar County in 1914, and she remained a faithful member there until her death. She had suffered so much the past several years, and knowing that her file was miserable from that suffering, it is a comfort to know she is at rest, and her sorrows and miseries are over. Though her loved ones and friends will miss her. God saw fit to relieve her of that suffering by death, and she is resting now in peace without a pain, sorrow or care, enjoying in spirit the happiness in her Saviour, that she has hoped for so many years. Many good things could be said of aunt Zona's life. Her, and Uncle Jesse's home was always open for the Baptists and their friends. She was friendly and had many friends. She was a portly, find looking woman. She had a good name and lived agood christian, moral and virtuous life. What more nees to be said of a person? I was asked to express the sincere thanks and appreciation of the family for the kindness of the many friends, shown through the sickness and death of their mother, for the many beautiful flowers, for the beautiful singing sung by a quartet composed of very dear friends, and especially thank Elder H.G. Ball for the comforting words spoken by him, who is held in high esteem by the family. Her body was laid to rest in the beautiful Paris cemetery to await the resurrection day when Christ shall gather all his children home. Written by request, by one who loved her. Grace Guess.

(Grace Guess is the daughter of Janie Burns Osborn, sister to Elias Jesse Burns b.1871)

* “Photo: Zona Green”: * Mark Hicks * 07/29/99

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* Census Records * Mark Hicks * mhicks@bizmark.com * 04/25/99

Source: jodybell@swbell.net: The census records on Zona Burns for 1900 show precinct 8 which is Scurry and in 1910 she was in ED 22 which is Crandall.

1900 Census records - Kaufman county, TX Roll T623 #1652 Enumeration district 82 - princict No 8 Line 73: BURNS, Zona Relation to head of household: Wife - White - Female Birthdate: August 1873 - Age 26 - married for 1 year Mother of how many children: 5 Mother of how many children living: 5 [Note: The census only lists four children] Birthplace: Tennessee Birthplace of this person's father: Tennessee Birthplace of this person's mother: Tennessee Can read: yeas Can write: yes Can speak English: yes

1910 Census records - Kaufman County, TX Roll T624 #1570 Enumeration District 22 Line 28: BURNS, Zona F. Wife - White- female Age 31 - married 10 years Mother of how many children: 9 Mother of how many children living: 7 Birthplace: Tennessee Birthplace of father: Tennessee Birthplace of mother: Tennessee

* Photo: Zona Green * Mark Hicks * mhicks@bizmark.com * 04/07/99

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* Photo: E.J. Burns, Zona Green and all her children * Mark Hicks * mhicks@bizmark.com * 04/03/99

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