Benjamin L Hicks

  • Birth: ca. 1800
  • Death:
  • Burial:
  • Sex: M
  • Living: N





See many references in: General Index to Real Estate Conveyances

This questions whether his spouse is GRIFFIN or JORDAN.

Henderson County - Marriage (Groom) Registry 1806-1860

Groom's Groom's Bride's Bride's Date County Surname Name Surname Name Married




		SARAH C 41      F       W                       VA
		LUCY J          13      F       W                       KY
		AARON L 13      M       W                       KY
		JUDITH          10      F       W                       KY
		ARTHUR  8       M       W                       KY
		SAMUEL A        6       M       W                       KY
		SARAH E 5       F       W                       KY
		SARAH           72      F       W                       NC
BALL		A TUDSON        28      M       W                       NJ

1860 Henderson County Census. Hicks listings.


District 1 Henderson City Name Age Sex Occupation Born 213. Hicks,Benjamin L 60 M Farmer KY

	Sarah E 52      F                                       VA
          [Sarah E Kasey is Benjamin's daughter, according to the Will]    
	Lucy J          24      F                                       KY
	Aaron S 23      M                                       KY
	Judith P        20      F                                       KY
	Arthur J        18      M                                       KY
	Samuel  16      M                                       KY
	Benjamin         6      M                                       KY

Will of Benjamin Lee Hicks. Book D. Pages 292-293. (Copy sent to me by Diane).

I Benjamin Lee Hicks, being in my usual health and knowing the uncertainty of life to make and ordain this my last Will and Testiment in Manner and form following…

2nd: $175 annually to wife, Harriet R. Hicks. 3rd: Piano and sewing machine to daughter, Benjamin Margarite Hicks. 4th: $10 as his full share of the estate to son, Turners Haywood Hicks. 5th: One-Seventh of personal property to sons A.S. Hicks and S.A. Hicks in trust for benefit of daughter Sarah E. Kasey and her children. 6th: Remaining six One-Seventh shares of personal property to children: Aaron Shelby Hicks, Lucy I White, Arthur I Hicks, Judith A Negley, Samuel A Hicks and Benjamin Margarite Hicks. 7th: One-seventh of real estate to sons Aaron Shelby Hicks and Samuel A Hicks in trust for the children of my aughter Sarah E Kasey. 8th: One share each of six shares of real estate to sons Aaron Shelby Hicks, Arthur I Hicks, Samuel A Hicks.. 9th: One share each of six shares of real estate to daughters and children: Lucy I White and her children, Judity A Negly and her children, and Benjamin Margarite Hicks and her children. 10th: Benjamin M. Hicks, daughter, may chose her share of the real estate to include the house in Hebardsville.

Signed. Benj L Hicks 8 JUNE 1876. Witnessed. Henry M Ball, RC McFarland, Thomas M McFarland Filed in court, Henderson County KY. 27 JULY 1891.

Children of Benjamin Lee Hicks:

Turners Haywood Hicks, son Benjamin Margarite Hicks, daughter Aaron Shelby Hicks, son Lucy I White, daughter Sarah E. Kasey, daughter Arthur I Hicks, son Judith A Negley (Negly), daughter Samuel A Hicks

1860 Henderson County Census. Hicks listings. Source:

234. Hicks,Harriet 38 F Farming KY

              James W 19      M                                       KY
              Ann E           17      F                                       KY
              Sarah T 12      F                                       KY

[Harriet Hicks is wife of Benjamin L Hicks, according to the Will]

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