James L. Hicks

  • Birth: ca. 1819
  • Death:
  • Burial:
  • Sex: M
  • Living: N





Source: A. 1843 General Index to Real Estate Conveyances- Henderson Co. KY. Here the children of John Hicks deed land to various individuals. B. 1845 Map showing division of land among children of John Hicks C. 1846 General Index to Real Estate Conveyances - Henderson Co. KY. Here John Hicks (dec'd) deeds land to his children.

Source: Pam Groover, Va. Bch., VA Pam Groover PGROOVY@prodigy.net Henderson Co., KY cemetery book “Gone But Not Forgotten”. Here are the listings:

In the HICKS GRAVEYARD (Von Pritchett farm - 1 1/2 mis from Anthoston on Robards Station - Frog Island Road) Jane HICKS May 23 1794 Mar 11 1842 John HICKS Apr 06 1787 Jul 31 1840

Thomas HICKS, s/o James & Sarah A. 7 yr 5 mo 4 da Aug 06 1850

There are other HICKS listed in this book. Let me know if you would like a copy of the other listings.


Henderson County - Marriage (Groom) Registry 1806-1860

Groom's Groom's Bride's Bride's Date County Surname Name Surname Name Married


Source: 1849 General Index to Real Estate Conveyances - Henderson Co. KY. HICKS, James L. & Sarah A. (Grantors) to Elijah W. Worsham. Deed. Book N Page 25. 270 A.

Source: Linda Hicks Halmark. Linda is not sure of the information given below. She received the info from Susan Jones sdjones@sdjones.net The story goes that both parents died young and the children went to TN to live with grandmother in Dyersburg.

The family is found in 1850 Henderson Co KY census and in 1860 Dyersburg TN census.

(Iii) LAURA J. HICKS, born c1845, Kentucky [5 in 1850 census; not seen again)

(iv) WILLIAM D. HICKS, born c1848, Kentucky [2 in 1850 census; not seen again)

(v) male, unnamed, born cApril 1850, Kentucky [2/12 in 1850 census)

?(vi) H. HICKS (male), born c1856 [4 in 1860 census) Too many H. Bickses to begin to look in 1880 and 1900 census indexes. This one was living with Amy Foard in 1860 census in Dyersburg.

Four known children:

(i) ALICE SUGG, born c1847 in Arkansas [1850 census, age 3; not in 1870 census)

(ii) EDGAR SUGG, born c1854 [age 16 in 1870 census, born Arkansas; not in 1880 or 1900 census)

6. (iii) MARY E. SUGG, born December 1859

7. (iv) THOMAS V. SUGG, born c1860


Four known children:

(I) WILLIE FOARD, born c1862 [18 in 1880 census), working in tobacco factory 1880.

(ii) MATTIE J. FOARD, born c1864 [16 in 1880 census)

(iii) CLARENCE FOARD, born cl868 (12 in 1880 census], in school, 1880.

(iv) HENRY T. FOARD, born c1870 (10 in 1880 census], in school, 1880.

* Correpondence with Susan Jones * Mark Hicks * mhicks@bizmark.com * 06/30/2000

You are so nice to send me that!! Thank you so much. I just went to your website. Do you really want what I have for the descendants of James L. Hicks? I have quite a bit. I also think James L. Hicks was the James L. Hickes in the 1860 census of Henderson, working as a bartender. Sarah supposedly died in 1859, although she does not turn up in the 1860 mortality schedule. And James supposedly died in 1863. This came from his grandson in Tennessee, and I guess it was told to him by his great-grandmother or great-aunts who raised the children. They were spread out among the various families in Dyersburg and the largest branch of them settled in nearby Brownsville, TN. So let me know what you want.

I also used to correspond with a woman who was married to Richard Priest Hicks and lived in Pickens, SC. She is no longer living there and is only about in her 70's. She has file drawers full of Hicks info and sent me a document made up of over 30 pieces of paper taped together to make a big scroll, written on both sides, of the descendants of Amos Hix. I typed it up recently, not in a family tree program, just to have it in a more searchable format. Do you want that?

I have other Hicks lines, too, in Henderson Co. Some from James L.'s brother Nathaniel M. Hicks, who mysteriously disappeared during the civil war.

Thanks again for writing!

Susan J

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