Isabella S Hicks

  • Birth: ca. 1851 Henderson KY
  • Death:
  • Burial:
  • Sex: F
  • Living: N



  • J.W. McCarty



Source: “PAMELA J GROOVER” I found a Robert HICKS in the 1870 Henderson Co., KY Census. Lower Henderson District #57 HICKS, M.L. 42 KY [Note: This is Marcus Lee]

Isabella	19  KY		[See note below. Must be "Belle" who married McCarty]
Sterling		17  KY
Lucie		14 KY
Jefferson	11  KY
Charlie		9  KY
Mary		7  KY		[Note: This must be Mary Augusta]
Robert		l  KY		[Note: Age given as 14 in 1880 census]

Source: “PAMELA J GROOVER” 1880 Henderson Co., KY Census #440 HICKS, Lee M. 52 KY VA VA Farmer

Jefferson	21  KY  KY  KY   Son
Charley		19  KY  KY  KY   Son
Mallie		16 KY  KY  KY    Dau	[This must be Mary Augusta]
Robert		14  KY  KY  KY    Son
Andrew		10  KY  KY  KY   Son
George W.	10  KY  KY  KY   Son   

MCCARTY, Bell 28 KY KY KY Dau [See note below about McCarty marriage]

           Sterlin		5  KY  KY  KY   G-Son	[Note that the 1870 census has a "Sterling", 17 years old].

Source: “PAMELA J GROOVER” Henderson Co., KY marriages, there is this marriage -

From Vol. Two -

HICKS, Belle S. m. J.W. MCCARTY 25 Mar 1874, Book 13, page 354 - Married at Mrs. HICKS. Birthplace not given for anyone. Groom 24, bride 22. [I assume this is Isabella, listed in 1870 census]

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