Lucie Hicks

  • Birth: ca. 1856 Henderson KY
  • Death:
  • Burial:
  • Sex: F
  • Living: N





Source: “PAMELA J GROOVER” I found a Robert HICKS in the 1870 Henderson Co., KY Census. Lower Henderson District #57 HICKS, M.L. 42 KY [Note: This is Marcus Lee] [Note: John C. Hicks b. 1849, first son of ML Hicks has left home by now]

Isabella	19  KY
Sterling		17  KY
Lucie		14 KY
Jefferson	11  KY
Charlie		9  KY
Mary		7  KY
Robert		l  KY

[Note: no evidence exists that the Lucy Hicks listed below is the same Lucie Hicks of the Marcus Lee Hicks family]

Date: Wed, 26 Apr 2000 19:15:08 -0700 Source: GC-Henderson County, Kentucky Query Forum URL:

Rhodes, Paul E. born 14 Jun 1918, died 3 Dec 1971, Cemetery: Fernwood, father: Peter Rhodes, mother: Mamie Warfield, Informant: Lola Raber, Spouse: Lola Raber

Rhodes, Lola B. born 5 March 1916, died 29 Feb 1976, Cemetery: Fernwood, father: George Raber, mother: Blanche Keach, Informant: John P. Raber

Raber, Blanche born Vanderburgh Co IN 9 Oct 1881, died 21 Mar 1949, Cemetery: Fernwood, father: Jim Keach, mother: Lucy Hicks, Informant: Lola Tremor

Raber, George Thomas born 10 Mar 1872, died 16 Jan 1926, Cemetery: Fernwood, father: Levi Raber born PA, Informant: Carl Raber

Rhoads, Peter R. born 20 Jan 1890, died 22 Mar 1943, Cemetery: St. Agnes, father: John L. Rhoads, mother: Viola Underwood, Informant: Margaret Rhoads

Rhodes, Roy Mercel born 15 Jul 1905, died 5 Oct 1950, Cemetery: St. Agnes, father: Robert Greenwell, mother: Margaret Warfield, Informant: Mrs. Roy Rhodes

Rhodes, Mercil R. born 16 Feb 1929, died 6 Feb 1951, Cemetery: St. Agnes, father: Roy M. Rhodes, mother: Lula M. Davis, Informant: Mother

Rhodes, Wm Nichols born 1 Nov 1956, died 1 Nov 1956, Cemetery: St. Louis, father: Paul Emery Rhodes, mother: Dorothy E. Nichols, Informant: Paul Rhodes

These are from transcribed records, if they pertain, you should send for actual copies of the records.

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