Robert Lee Hicks

  • Birth: 18 JAN 1867 Henderson, Kentucky
  • Death: 06 DEC 1898 Crandall, Texas
  • Burial: TX-Kaufman-Crandall-Blackland Cemetery
  • Sex: M
  • Living: N





Married Zona Green 10 Dec 1891. Abstract had a conflict date of birth - January 8, 1867.

Source: Claud Hicks (Lives between Crandall & Dalls on Lake June road (#7000?)

Robert Lee Hicks died 1898 in Crandall, Tx. Had a sister in Padocah, Ky. Had a brother who had a son named Dave Hicks.

* RL Hicks Life for Kaufman County Historical Commission * Mark Hicks * * 01/03/2000

Robert Lee Hicks was born 18 January 1867 in Henderson Kentucky. He migrated to Crandall Texas sometime before 1890. It is believed that he migrated with a brother and a nephew who was named Dave Hicks, born 1873 in Henderson, Kentucky. It is also believed that a niece, Lillie Hicks, migrated with him.

He married Zona Francis Green 10 Dec 1891 in Kaufman County. Zona Francis Green was the daughter of Samuel “Pep” Green and his wife Martha Jaco, all of whom were from McMinneville, Warren County, Tennessee. The Green family resided in Crandall according to the 1900 census.

Land records from the Kaufman County Courthouse indicate that he bought and sold land in Crandall during the years 1893 through 1896. At the time of his premature death, on 6 December 1898, he was the proprietor of a saloon in Crandall. He is buried in Blackland Cemetery.

He and his wife Zona had four children, all of whom were born in Crandall. Baxter, born September 1892, was killed in WWI. Bennett, born 11 June 1894, also a WWI veteran, fathered Verne and Francis Hicks, eventually migrated and died in Los Angeles. Robert Lee Hicks, Jr., born 23 February 1896, also a WWI veteran, married Willie Mae Morgan of Blossom, Texas, fathered Robert, Lee, Glen and Jack Hicks, migrated to California and is buried in Martinez, California. Bessie, born 1898, married John Harvey and was the mother of Ruth, Sarah Francis and John Harold Harvey. She died in Paris, Texas in 1987.

After his death his widow Zona married Elias Jesse Burns, born 1871 in Mississippi. They farmed in the Crandall area at least until 1910 and then moved to Blossom, Texas, where both are buried.

More information can be obtained from Mark Hicks, great-grandson of Robert Lee Hicks at one of the following email addresses:, at the Hicks family website at

Compiled by Mark Hicks ###

* Photo: RL Hicks & Family * Mark Hicks * * 04/03/99

Back: “The Hicks Family 1896. Left to R. Izona Hicks. Bessie. Bennett. Robert Hicks. Baxter” [Note: The attached photo file is much higher resolution.]

* “Photo: Robert Lee Hicks”: * Mark Hicks * * 08/14/2000

Provided by Mrs. Pearl Hicks High Resolution Image →

* Probate record. Robert L. Hicks. Cause #919. * Mark Hicks * * 11/05/99

Notes on Probate Record for R.L. Hicks. Cause #919. Kaufman County Courthouse. Courthouse: 972-932-4331. Open 8-5 M-F. Located on square, groundfloor in Kaufman..

Filed: Feb 28, 1899. Attorney for survivor: Jas. Young. Date of death: Dec 8, 1898. Children at time of death:

Baxter Hicks, male, age 6 years
Bennett Hicks, male, age 4 years
Robert Hicks, male, age 3 years
Bessie Hicks, female, age 8 months.


John A. Crawford, Tom J. Pritchett, T.J. Penn.


N.T. Nash?, Jas. young, Sam Green


Real Estate:
	1. Lot No 1,2,3,6,7 in Block No. 16 Crandall TX value 	$500
	2. Lot No 3,4 in Block No 11, Crandall TX value 		$250
	3. One acre of ... 					$250
Total value of real estate: 						$1,060.
Personal Property:
	1. One horse & buggy					$50
	2. Household & kitchen furniture				$10
	3. Cows and calves					$75
	4. Money in First Nat'l Bank Kaufman			$132.62
Total value of personal property:					$527.62
Grand total								$1,527.62

Claims due estate:

1. ?? Due bill							$8.75
2. Sam Morton acct						$9.20
3. Will Howland							$4.75
4. Geo Rok							$1.75
5. Tom 								$2.95
6. Mr. ?								$1.00
7. 								$7.50
8. John Sh..							$3.00
9. C. B. Curlee							$16.98
10. Jim Skins							$2.00
11. J. Sanders							$26.98
12. H Walston							$5.05
13. W.H. Trail							$17.25
14. G Crawford							$2.35
Total due estate							$117.40

Claims due by estate:

1. 								$125.00
2. T.J. Penn							$21.50
Total due by estate:							$146.50


* Marriage License * Mark Hicks * * 03/24/99

* “Coin issued by R.L. Hicks”: * Mark Hicks * * 12/08/99

Letter to Glen Hicks from R.L. Hicks, Jr accompanying coin:

Walnut Creek Oct 25 - 87 Dear Folks: Am sending you a rare coin about 100 yrs old and used in My Dad's Business, have a Picture Made of it. Talked to Bob Today. They are down at Laguna Beach. Lee & Nancy are there for the week also. Going to Hosp tomarrow for checkup. Hope everything is OK with you. Your Dad.

* Notes on burial site * Mark Hicks * * 03/24/99

* Land Deed Records of R.L. Hicks (Kaufman County TX) * Mark Hicks * * 12/03/99

General Index of Deeds. Kaufman County TX

Research done 1 Dec 1999. Kaufman County Courthouse. Search on all land transactions for Robert Lee Hicks and/or Sam Green 1871-1900. The references to “D. Wilkerson” referes to the “D Wilkerson League and Labor Survey” which was an area in Crandall.

The exact locations of these land items may be identified in Kaufman by: Kaufman Appraisal District. Located not far from the Kaufman Library. Pho 972-932-6081.

Note: This search reveals two interesting facts: 1. R.L. Hicks sold to and then repurchased from Geo. L Hicks. Who is Geo. L. Hicks? 2. R.L. Hicks sold 83 acres in 1895 for $2,180. But no record is found for his original purchase.

Grantee: HICKS, R L. Grantor: W.N. Gibbs Type: Deed Date of Deed: Apr 11, 1894 Consideration: $250 Land: Description: Acres Filed: Apr 11, 1894 Book: 60 Page: 553

Grantee: HICKS, Robert L. Grantor: JW & Georgia A Adams Type: Warranty Deed Date of Deed: May 3, 1893 Consideration: $110 Land: Lot 4 Block 11 Crandall Description: D.W. Wilkerson Acres Filed: May 10, 1893 Book: 57 Page: 576

Grantee: HICKS, Geo L. Grantor: R.L. Hicks & Wife Type: Warranty Date of Deed: Apr 13, 1895 Consideration: $150 Land: Lot 4 Block 11 Crandall Description: D. Wilkerson L&L Acres: Filed: Apr 15, 1895 Book: 65 Page: 44

Grantee: R.L. Hicks Grantor: Geo. L. Hicks Type: Warranty Date of Deed: Apr 16, 1895 Consideration: $150 Land: Lot 4 Block 11 Crandall Description: D. Wilkerson Acres: Filed: Dec 5, 1895 Book: 65 Page: 573

Grantee: HEFEUR T.H. Grantor: R. L. Hicks & Wife Type: Warranty Date of Deed: Oct 23, 1895 Consideration: $2,180.00 Land: Description: Acres: 83 Filed: Book: 66 Page: 487 [Note: I was unable to find when this land was originally acquired by R.L. Hicks]

Grantee: HICKS, R L. Grantor: J.W. Daugherty [Note: Daugherty Lake and the Daugherty family is located just west of Blackland] Type: Warranty Date of Deed: July 13, 1896 Consideration: $107.50 Land: Lots 7,8,9 Block 5 Crandall Description: Acres Filed: July 13, 1896 Book: 68 Page: 102

Grantee: HOBDY W. & Wife Grantor: R.L. Hicks & Wife Type: Deed Date of Deed: July 16, 1897 Consideration: $415 Land: Lots 7,8,9 Block 5 Crandall Description: D. Wilkerson Acres: Filed: May 14, 1900 Book: 82 Page: 149

* “Photo: Robert Lee Hicks (1867-1898)”: * Mark Hicks * * 08/03/99

Click on icon for high resolution image.

* Notes by RLH to WGH * Mark Hicks * * 04/18/99

* “RL Hicks Cementary Marker & Directions.”: * Mark Hicks * * 04/05/99

Location: Crandall, Texas; Blackland Cemetery.

Directions to Blackland Cemetery:

If you're coming from Dallas…take 175 East towards Crandall. After you cross the Trinity River Bridge…take the first exit (Forney exit)(741). Go left over the bridge, pass the stop sign and stay on 741 until you get to the next paved road (2757) (it's down a little ways but not too far…you will see an old abandoned house on the right) go left on 2757.

From there go a little ways and you will see and an old run down house

on the right, the cemetery is right past that house on the left side of the road. There is a small chainlink fence around two graves at the front of the cemetery. The grass is very tall. If you keep going down 2757 until it dead-ends and take a right you will be at I-20 (we call it the new 20) it's only been in service a few years. That way you don't have to go all the way around to get back to Shreveport or Dallas.

* Obit. Kaufman Sun. Friday 16 DEC 1898 * Mark Hicks * * 05/01/99

The attached file has the entire page:

Kaufman Sun, Friday 16 Dec. 1898 Mr. Bob Hicks, who for two or three years was in the saloon business at Crandall, died last Thursday, and was buried at that place on Friday

* “Hicks Saloon - Crandall Texas”: * Mark Hicks * * 01/16/2006

Source: The Marie Reasonover Files:

1897 photo taken inside of the Hicks Saloon Hicks is the second man from the left.

The back of the photo has written on it: “Hicks Resort Saloon - Crandall Texas - 1897 R L Hicks. Proprietor, 2nd from left”

Photo is from the Marie Reasonover collection

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