David Clifton Hicks

  • Birth: 13 JAN 1873 KY
  • Death: 10 MAY 1958 Dallas County TX
  • Burial: TX-Kaufman-Crandall-Crandall Cemetery
  • Sex: M
  • Living: N



  • Matilda Griffey



Source: TX Dept of Health. Death Cerficate for Daivd Clifton Hicks: Father: John C. Hicks Mother: Allie Pruitt Informant: C.G. Hicks Occupation: Farmer DOB: Jan 13, 1873 DOD: 5-10-58 (age 85 years). Address: 7703 Lake June Road; Dallas TX (16 years) Burial 5-10-58 Crandall, TX Crandall Cemetery. Funeral: Anderson-Clayton Bros. Marital Status: Widowed. State File No: 26517

Source: jodybell@swbell.net DAVID CLIFTON HICKS May 10, 1958 died in Dallas County

Marriages - Kaufman County 1891-1900 (Groom) HICKS, D.C. - GRIFFERY, Matildy 12-12-94

Subject: Crandall, Kaufman County, Texas Crandall Cemetery Date: Sun, 20 Feb 2000 13:39:27 -0800 From: jodybell@swbell.net

First Section - West Side - 3/4 way down 2nd gravel road Inside square cement plot

David C. Hicks 1874-1958

Matilda Hicks 1877-1938

Monte Pat Hicks June 12, 1907 - July 9, 1925

Texie B. Clarkson Dec 9, 1903-Apr 29, 1931

Modena Tabor 1894-1998

Perry Tabor 1895-1983

Source: Book at Kaufman Public Library. Blackland School. By Flora Adams Record. See full text of article and a photo of the school:

Trustees listed from 1898 to 1910 were G.T. Webb, J.S. Webb, J.A. Cunningham, George Roe, A.J. Pike, G.N. Bannister, S.P. Griffey, J.C. Crow, J.S. Sanders, J.W. Frazier, N. Tives, L.J. Colley, S.T. Townsend, J.Z. Guynes, D.C. Hicks.

Note from Larry Oliver: “I remember taking a trip with pa pa hicks (David) when I was a kid to Zion Kentucky, pa pa told us he saw a gunfight at the courthouse where a man was shot in the throat & died. I also remember stopping at someones home who grew tobbaco & had a litter of pigs, which they tried to give one to me & shirley ann. Funny what you remember isn't it.”

* “David Clifton Hicks Death Certificate”: * Mark Hicks * mhicks@bizmark.com * 06/28/2000

This document proves that David Clifton Hicks descends from Henderson, KY. His mother is Allie Pruitt. Hi Resolution Image →

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