Claude Clifton Hicks

  • Birth: 27 DEC 1895
  • Death: 1 OCT 1994
  • Burial:
  • Sex: M
  • Living: N



  • Essie Gertrude Oliver



Phone conversation with Pearl Hicks 25 May 1999: Claude Lived at 7703 Lake June Road at the time of his death. She called him PawPaw.

Source: Robt Lee Hicks b.1895 in notes given to Glen Hicks: Claude Hicks lived between Dallas and Crandall on Lake June Road (#7000?) Claude is the son of Dave Hicks and Dave Hicks is the son of the brother of Robert Lee Hicks b.1867.

Note: Robert Lee Hicks b.1895 lived in Crandall at least until 1910. This may explain why he remembered Claude Hicks so well. They were born in the same year.

Marriages - Kaufman County 1911-1920 (both) HICKS, Claude - SILVER, Gertrude

Marriages: Claude Clifton Hicks & Essie Gertrude Oliver 9/26/1917 (the marriage record shows Gertrude Silver, but all of the birth records for their children show Oliver)

Deaths: Essie G. Hicks b. Jan 29 d. Feb 1949 is buried in the Kaufman City Cemetery in Kaufman, Texas, next to her grandson, Howard M. Hicks, Jr. b. April 12, 1945 d. Jan 1970.

* “Photo: Claude & Gertrude Hicks”: * Mark Hicks * * 08/14/2000

Provided by Mrs. Pearl Hicks, wife of David C. Hicks b.1927 and daughter-in-law of Claude & Gertie Hicks.

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Reminiscing by Claude's granddaughter in August 2013:

Hi, I am Janet, middle daughter of Pearl Hicks (wife of David C. Hicks). You spoke with Mother back in the late 90's.

My brother Dennis came across the Genealogy information for Phyllis and Glen Hicks and forwarded the link to me. It is really interesting to see information dating back to the 1700's.

I wanted to confirm that Essie G. Hicks' maiden name was: Essie Gertrude Oliver (my grandmother (called Mama Hicks); mother of David C.Hicks). She is buried in Grove Hill Cemetary in Dallas along side Claude C. Hicks. This is also where my parents are buried (David & Pearl) and Dixie Gene (known as Aunt Bido) and her husband Dick Oliver. Mama Hicks was called Gertie by most but my Dad would call her Essie when he was wanting to tease her. He had a certain way of saying it that If they had both been younger he would have been in big trouble! Being the “baby” saved him numerous times I am sure. One of my favorite stories (which we didn't hear until we were grown) involved something Dixie did when Daddy was very young (3-4) that she wouldn't let him do. Of course, he tattled. When Dixie proclaimed her innocence, Daddy said “Yes thee did and thee wouldn't let me!”

Gertie's parents were: Frank M. Oliver and Varilla (called “Rilla”). I am going from memory at the moment and cannot remember her maiden name. Frank Oliver was the police chief (I believe in Crandall).

Notes regarding my Dad, Grandfather and Great grandfather, David C. Hicks (grandkids called him Pa), Claude C. Hicks (Crawdy- named by Larry Wayne Oliver as the first grandchild) and David C. Hicks (Paw Paw).

All three men loved to tease. I can remember asking Crawdy what we were having for lunch or dinner only to be told, “beans, peas and thaw,thaw, thaws(sp)”. I have no idea what the thaw was. We asked but he would never say!

Also, if we happened to stand between Crawdy and the television or a person or something else he was looking at, we were told that “You have been drinking chocolate milk!” This meant we needed to move.

Crawdy could grow anything. I remember Mother (Pearl Hicks) saying that he could take a cutting from a plant or tree, stick it in the dirt and it would grow. He found work in the WPA and later worked for the Ford Motor Company at the plant which was in Dallas near Fair Park. Crawdy (Claude) retired from there in the 1960's.

In remembering Paw Paw (David C. Hicks), he wore a hearing aid and was a small man. He wore a white dress shirt, khaki pants, and suspenders. Of course, Paw Paw, Crawdy and my dad all three wore dress hats.

Shirley, my sister, remembers driving up to a house on the Kentucky trip (made around 1957) and seeing a group of men who looked exactly like Paw Paw, dressed in the same clothes with the waistband button of their pants undone. She remembers more details of Paw Paw. I was barely 6 when he died but do remember learning at an early age not to walk within his arms reach or I would learn how “the horse ate the apple”!

Thanks for the opportunity to reminisce. Please let me know if I can be of any help.

Regards, Janet

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