Ralph Hunt

  • Birth: ca. 1613 England
  • Death: 26 FEB 1676 Long Island NY
  • Burial:
  • Sex: M
  • Living: N





Source: http://www.atmosphere.be/family/dildine/paf/index.htm Ancestors of Roger Stephen Dildine Ralph HUNT Sr. was born 1613 in London, London, Eng. He died 26 Feb 1676 in Newtown, Long Island, NY and was buried in Newtown, Long Island, NY. Ralph married Unknown about 1680. Ralph immigrated 1652 to New York. He was employed Surveyer of Indian Lands. He was employed Provincial Assembly. He served in the military Militia. Wife: Unknown was born about 1630 in England. She died in Newtown, Long Island, NY and was buried in Newtown, Long Island, NY.

Source: The Pioneering Spirit. The Hunt Family. Compiled by Beverly (Wynn) Yount. Richmond IN Copyright 1956. Mrs. Charles O. Yount 2414 N.W. “B” Street Richmond IN 47375 Sent to me by Imogene B Moore.

The following are portions of material in the AMERICAN HUNT FAMILY GENEOLOGY, June 15, 1912, Vol. 1, No. 24 on file in the Los Angels Public Library.

“Ralph Hunt, founder of the Long Island and New Jersey families, was among the first settlers in what is now Newtown, Long Island in 1652. His name appears on the Indian rate of 1658. On June 9, 1653, he was one of seven citizens of trust appointed to conduct the affairs of the town for the ensuing year. He seems to have been a leader in all the public affairs and was foremost among his neighbors in defying the authority of the Dutch govenor Stuyvesant on Manhatten Island. He was one of seven men who went across the Long Island Sound to Westchester in the night and brought Panton with a company of men over to beat arms against the Dutch. When the English family acquired New Netherlands and drove the Dutch away, he was one of the first two magistrates appointed under the English rule. On April 21, 1665, he was commissioned Lieutenant by the English Governor Nicoll.

When the Indian title was extinguished and the new town, now called Newtown, ??ected, march 1, 1664, he was one of the patentees included in the royal charter.

He was one of the first three surveyors appointed to lay out the lots of the new settlers; was appointed one of the magistrates in 1673; and was named one of the patentees when the charter of the town was confirmed by the Governor. It was said of him that he enjoyed the confidence of the people and was their guide and counselor in all matters of importance in the community.”

Source: HUNT HOUSEHOLDS OF SUSSEX COUNTY, NEW JERSEY from Various Sources by William C. Armstrong, A.M. Author of the Armstrong Record and of the Lundy Family vol. 1 & 2 combined N.J. GENEALOGICAL MAG. 1925-27

Ralph Junt settled at Newtown, Long Island, before April 1656, when he was assessed L1 as his quota toward the purchase of 13,332 acres of land from the Indians. In 1671 he donated land for the first church edifice. He died early in 1672. His fourth child, Samuel Hunt, removed to Lawrenceville.

* The will of Ralph Hunt * Mark Hicks * mhicks@bizmark.com * 11/22/99

Source: Imogene B Moore.

The will of Ralph Hunt is recorded at the Hall of Records, New York, Liber 1-2

“First, I bequeathe my soule to God my Maker through my Lord Jesus Christ my redeemer and my body to the earth from whens it came and as for what earthly Estate the Lord hath bestowed on me I by this will of Mine Give and bequeath as follows:

First my will is that all my just debts be truely paid and the Remainder to be disposed of as followeth. It is my will and desire to have my sonn Edward to be hole and sole administrator of this my estate paying until his other three brothers as they come of age their portion by equal for my daughter Mary I do give to her two cows six sheep and the feather bed which I now ly on. And as for my daughter Anna's three children, I give to each of them a sheepe. This will of mine being Ritt when I had my perfect Memory although very sick and weak. Captayne Betts and John Burroughs I doe desire to be overseers with my son in law Theophilus Phillips of this my will.”

his Ralph Hunt mark

Witness Edward Stevenson John _ Thomas Morrell “” his Ralph Hunt mark Witness Burroughs Edward Hunt

(Will admitted to probate Feb. 26, 1676/77)

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