Jeremiah Jaco

  • Birth: 7 JAN 1783 Maryland
  • Death: 11 OCT 1869 Warren County TN
  • Burial: TN-Warren-Jaco Cemetery
  • Sex: M
  • Living: N


  • Father:
  • Mother:




Source: BORN: 7 JAN 1783, , ,MD

            DIED: 11 OCT 1869, , Warren, TN 
            BURIED: , 
            MARRIED: Frances Annie "Fannie" BOYKIN, , 
              1.Mary JACO 
              2.Wily JACO 
              3.Uriah JACO 
              4.Mahala JACO 
              5.John Pascal JACO 
              6.Didama "Annie" JACO 
              7.Louisa JACO 
              8.Oliver JACO 
              9.Cornelius JACO 
            MARRIED: Amy L. JACO Mrs., , 

Source: I am looking for information on John Jaco. He was married to Elizabeth Braswell Boykin. They had one son by the name of Jeremiah born in Maryland in 1783. Any help will be appreciated.

Source: Re: John Jaco, father of Jeremiah Jaco. John was a Rev. soldier in VA regiment, he being from state of MD. Moved to SC abt 1783, in 1790 & 1800 cen there. Mar Boykin 1806 in Logan Co., KY, stayed there until abt 1814 where received land in Warren Co., TN. Had other sons, w/Jeremiah being the next to youngest. He d abt 1826 in WCTN. Jeremiah was only son who remained in WCTN until his death. Other sons were: John, Jr.; Cornelius and Brooks B. Now - what can you tell me?


I too am descended from John Jaco and from Elizabeth Braswell Boykin (John and Elizabeth married 16 Sept 1806, Logan Co., KY). I descend thru John's son Jeremiah Jaco who married (24 Sept 1806, Logan Co., KY) Elizabeth's daughter Anna Boykin. Then thru Jeremiah and Anna's daughter Didama Jaco who married Ransom Pinkney “Pink” Webb. I have very little info on the Jaco Family, so I can't add much to what Allen Jaco told you. What I can tell you (if you don't already have this info) is Elizabeth Braswell Boykin is the widow of Thomas Boykin and the daughter of Solomon Braswell and Mary DeLoach. My questions to you (or Allen) are: 1. Do you happen to know if John Jaco and Elizabeth Braswell Boykin had any children together?? and 2. Do you happen to have the name of John Jaco's first wife (the mother of his children)??

My Savage Family Homepage

* 2 Jeremiahs * Dale Jaco * * 11/09/2000

The Jeremiah in the photo is not the Jeremiah listed here. The newpaper article says the Jeremiah in the photo was born in 1832, wife was Amanda, and had a son named Jeff Davis. I know there are several Jeremiahs.

* “Jeremiah Jaco 1832 Civil War Photo”: * Pam Beld * * 12/14/99

Not sure where this Jeremiah fits into the Jaco family, but his is buried in the Jaco Family Cemetery along with his wife Amanda.

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