Lee Roy Morgan

  • Birth: 4 NOV 1908 Blossom (Lamar) Texas
  • Death: 11 JUN 1917 Blossom (Lamar) Texas
  • Burial: TX-Lamar-Blossom-Knights of Honor Cemetery
  • Sex: M
  • Living: N





Source: Death and Cemetery Records of Lamar County, Texas Buried Knights of Honor and Blossom City Cemetery. West section. Tombstone inscribed “Son of J.H. & J.F. Morgan”

Source: Ethel Doyle. Drowned in family pond at 8 years.

Note: another date of birth is 12 APR 1908. The date of 4 DEC 1908 is got from Julia Payne Pennington Morgan's personal Bible.

* First Grade Report Card. Linden School (1916-1917 year). * Mark Hicks * mhicks@bizmark.com * 05/01/99

Signed by Mrs. G.D. Haley. Attached files are larger resolution:

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