Jane Page

  • Birth: 18 APR 1808 Virginia
  • Death:
  • Burial:
  • Sex: F
  • Living: N





Source: Jo Weast (Morgan Genealogy). There was a P. H. Page that attended the wedding of George W. and Jane and while I never found the exact connection I later found his marriage licience and found his name to be Peyton H. Page and he married a miss Victoria Hancock. Her dad signed the form with John Hancock so I learned that miss Victoria's dad was named John. I also found some of the Rutherford boys marriages and Jane's sister Elizabeth's marriage to Lemore M. Goodman.

Source: Colores C. Rutherbord; 1758 Carmelo Dr; Carmichael, CA 95608-5764.

married Samuel O. Rutherford 11 Nov 1829. Source: Genealogical History of the Rutherford Family; Wm Kenneth Rutherford & Anna Clay Rutherford

* Bible records of a Page family in KY. * Mark Hicks * mhicks@bizmark.com * 05/28/99

Note: I have no reason to believe this is the same family as our Jane Page. I just found it on the net.

source: http://www.rootsweb.com/~kygenweb/

BIBLE: Gunn, Jefferson Co. Submitted by: Smith, Elizabeth ESmith@Montgomery.k12.ky.us

Following is a transcription of the PAGE family Bible. This family lived in the Fisherville, Jeffersontown area of Jefferson Co. I believe that some of these people may have lived in Shelby Co., KY. I hope that others will find it useful.

Thomas P. Page b. 11 Jan. 1818 d. 23 June 1897 Eucebia Page b. 19 June 1823 d. Apr. 18 (illeg.) Virginia Bell Page b. 16 Aug. 1847 Albert M. Page b. 13 Feb. 1850 Malinda F. Page b. 19 June. 1853 Emma Adline Page b. 26 Nov. 1860 Thomas L. Page b. 23 Sept. 1863

Sarah W. Page b. 14 Feb. 1813 Thomas P. Page b. 11 Jan. 1818 Elizabeth Page b. 12 Feb. 1820 Oliver C. Page b. 19 Dec. 1823 Joseph M. Page b. 1 Apr. 1825 Martin C. Page b. 27 Dec. 1828 Frances J. Page b. 27 Aug. 1831

Frances J. Page b. 27 Aug. 1831 d. 8 Sept. 1843 Joseph Page b. 17 May 1788 d. 28 May 1851 Francis Page b. 8 Mar. 1783 d. 6 May 1872 Oliver C. Page b. 19 Dec. 1823 d. 6 Sept. 1885 Thomas P. Page b. 11 Jan. 1818 d. 23 June 1897 Eucebia Page b. 19 June 1823 d. 18 Apr. 1803 [sic-probably 1903]

Virginia Bell Page and Wm. T. Frederick m. 2 Nov. 1865 Albert M. Page and Nanie J. Sparks m. 11 Feb. 1875 Fannie M. Page and Benjaman F. Swan m. 27 Dec. 1877 Emma A. Page and R. M. Coots m. 27 Dec. 1873 Thomas L. Page and Daisy E. Gunn m. 26 Dec. 1894

Nannie J. Sparks b. 25 Jan. 185(0 or 6?) Carral A. Page b. 30 Nov. 1875 Curtes N. Page b. 7 Feb. 1878 Cora G. Page b. 11 Sept. 1879 Cleo Francis Page b. 4 Aug 1881 (illeg.) N. Page b. 13 July 1883 James (illeg.) Page b. 1 Mar 186(_) [last numeral of year is faded or blank] Adie V. Page b. 13 July 1889

Curtes N. Page d. 9 Feb. 1878 Carel Clifton Fredrick d. 16 Sept. 1875 Fannie Adie Fredrick d. 2 Apr. 1877 Cleo F. Page d. 2 Nov. 1881 Benjaman F. Swan b. 2 Sept. 185(_) [faded]

William T. Fredrick b. 8 May 1843 Cebia Lizzie Fredrick b. 26 July 1868 Nannie Minie Fredrick b. 3 July 1871 Carel Clifton Fredrick b. 25 Aug 1873 Fannie Adie Fredrick b. 11 Feb. 1876 William Walter Fredrick b. 29 Nov. 1878 Thomas Edward Fredrick b. 29 Nov. 1878 Chester K. Fredrick b. 24 July 1881

* “1850 Census. Jane Page Family”: * Mark Hicks * mhicks@bizmark.com * 05/26/99

Note: This is not the same Jane Page b.1808. However it is in the same county. This Jane Page was listed as 55 years of age. She is possibly her mother.

Jo Weast: You asked if I thought that the Jane Page was the mother of our Jane Page and I feel sure that she is a relative the age is not right as she is 55 in 1850 and our Jane is 42 in the same year. That would have made her 13 when she gave birth and these women did not marry that early. All of those that I have found are 18 or older. In fact Jane Rutherford was 24 when she married George W.Morgan.

* Notes on finding Jane Page family * Mark Hicks * mhicks@bizmark.com * 07/18/99

Subject: Re: Jane Page b. 1795; Jane Page b. 1808 Logan County KY Date: Sun, 18 Jul 1999 17:36:46 -0700 From: Duane Hreha dhreha@ix.netcom.com

Hi Mark,

Possible link, but I have no proof. My line is Lemuel J. Page b 1-12-1802 in Va married 3-29-1827 to Susan Thomas b 2-18-1806 in Va. They were in Logan Co Kent by 1830 and possibly sooner. Children were Margaret Anne (my ancestress), William, Richard, and James. Lemuel went on to co-found “The New Zion Baptist Church” in Huntingdale MO in the 1860's.

Good luck, Chris

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