Gladys Pennington

  • Birth: 1901
  • Death: 1980
  • Burial:
  • Sex: F
  • Living: N



  • Bill Strickland
  • Lovey Pope


  • R. Lee Strickland


The Strickland farm appears to be adjacent to the Morgan farm in Erick. Gladys and Bill appear to be good friends with Lina and Alfred Brooks and Robt and Willie Mae Hicks.

Assume she was born in Blossom TX.

* “Photo: Gladys and Bill Strickland”: * Mark Hicks * 07/30/99

Click on icon for high resolution image.

* “Gladys & Bill Strickland, Lina & Alfred Brooks, Willie Mae & Robert Hicks”: * Mark Hicks * * 07/22/99

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