Carrie Addela (Adelphia) Proctor

  • Birth: 15 DEC 1859 Cathage (Hancock) IL
  • Death: 07 SEP 1945 Oakland, Alameda, Ca.
  • Burial: CA-Oakland-Oakland-Evergreen Cemetery
  • Sex: F
  • Living: N





See family photo under Wm Valentine Dildine See Cemetary marker under Wm Valentine Dildine

Buried in Evergreen Cemetery, Oakland, CA. Twin sister of Charles Proctor.

Religion: Methodist. Suffered from diabetes.

Source: Susan Dildine Zeni: Came from “Pennsylvania Dutch” stock. Sue found an IGI Record in the LDS center on her showing that her mother was “Delphia Wilson.”

Source: via Sue Zeni Neosho Co. Marriages Carrie A. Proctor 20 William V. Dildine 24 2 Apr 1879 C-224

Source: Sue Zeni.

Saturday, April 20, 1940 newspaper article

“Grandma” to 17 boys and girls, of whom she is very proud.'

* “Carrie Proctor Death Certificate”: * Sue Zeni * * 11/17/2001

* “William Valentine Dildine and Carrie Proctor Photo”: * Mark Hicks * * 12/14/99

Note: another photo appears under William Valentine Dildine.

* “Autograph book entry. Carrie Proctor”: * Sue Dildine Zeni * * 03/18/2000

Iva Dildine's Autograph Book. Contributed by Bettie Faulks. Iva was the daughter of Nathan Aaron Dildine and was born in 1894.

Parsons Kansas Sep 1st 09

Dear Iva

“These few lines perhaps may be the last you will ever get from me. Then keep oh keep till time shall end the last remembrance of a friend.”

* “Elsa, Ernest, William Valentine, Charles Fletcher”: * Sue Zini * 11/17/2004

* “Carrie Proctor Dildine with Chas Fletcher and Ernest. Thanksgiving 1934”: * Mark * 07/26/2005

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