Robert Rutherford

  • Birth: ca. 1634 prob. VA
  • Death: aft.21 AUG 1728 prob. Essex Co. VA
  • Burial:
  • Sex: M
  • Living: N


  • Father:
  • Mother:


  • Margaret



Source: Genealogical History of the Rutherford Family; Wm Kenneth Rutherford & Anna Clay Rutherford [source includes four paragraph bio].

* Robert Rutherford * T Sheldon * * 06/11/2003

From page 54 of the Rutherford Family History data, it shows Robert Sr being born in Jedburgh Parish, Roxburgh, SCO (Scotland). His birth is recorded as 6 May 1640/41. Death in Essex Co VA was stated as 1728, though family data says as winter fell.

* Robert Rutherford * T Sheldon * * 06/11/2003

Records show the father to Robert Sr is Adam Rutherford of Hall, in SCO. Date of death was 1648. Married to cousin, Janet Rutherford, the daughter of Robert Rutherford (Adam's uncle). Issue of the marriage were William, James, Robert Sr., Elizabeth (23 Aug 1642), and Adam (10 Mar 1645).

Othe than accumulated European research, there is the history of the Rutherfords(pg 43)by HK & AC Rutherford, and the IGI.

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