Absalom Rutherford

  • Birth: 1763
  • Death: 28 JUN 1844
  • Burial:
  • Sex: M
  • Living: N





Source: Genealogical History of the Rutherford Family; Wm Kenneth Rutherford & Anna Clay Rutherford.

* Absalom Rutherford * T Sheldon * tsheldon@tss.net * 06/11/2003

According to records turned in by direct descendants of Absalom and Mary, we show the following: Absalom was b. 1763 in Albermarle Co, VA. He wed Mary McBride in Feb 1790 in the same county. Death date written as 28 Jun 1841, as opposed to your 1844. One of us may be wrong on the latter….I wonder who the family history editor was. This data comes from WK Rutherford and Ann C. Rutherford, pg 106; IGI

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