Fred Schliefer

  • Birth: 3 OCT 1883 Polk Co. MO.
  • Death: 15 MAY 1970
  • Burial:
  • Sex: M
  • Living: N



  • Susie Thompson



Susie Thompson (born Sept 25, 1887; died 1888) Children: 1. Keith Schleifer; Halfway, Mo. 2. Wanda Schleifer Redd (Mrs. Alva Redd) Halfway, Mo. 2.1 Al Kent Redd 3. Virginia Schleifer Stewart (Mrs. J. Clyde Stewart) Rt 4, Box 259; Bolivar Mo. 3.1 Jack & Susie Baker

* Schliefer * Lila Thompson * * 09/23/2000

Some of the fondest memories of my husband Robert Thompson are of going to Uncle Fred and Aunt Susie Schliefers house as a child. In fact his Father Seever Thompson spent a lot of time there as a child. Susie Schleifer's death the date is incorrect on here. The only child living in Fred & Susies'family is Wanda (Mrs. Alva Redd).

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