Amos Paris Sutton

  • Birth: 17 JAN 1896 Blossom TX
  • Death: 21 JAN 1981 Blossom TX, on Sutton family farm.
  • Burial:
  • Sex: M
  • Living: N





Source: Jo Weast. Cause of death: Heart failure. Farmer bet. 1912-1980, farmed most of the time on the Sutton Farm. Medical info: Amos was gassed during WW1 in France and he always had ill health.

* Bob Hicks recollections * Mark Hicks * * 12/30/2004

Talking with Bob Hicks in Dec 2004, Bob remembers Amos as being stocky, lively, humurous. Visited Erick in early 1930's. 2nd cousin to Willie Mae. Got along well with Robert Lee Hicks very well. Bob thinks that some of the photos in the Hicks-Morgan Photo Album (see the Odds'n'Ends) is of Amos Sutton.

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