Ada Mabel Troegle

  • Birth: 18 APR 1904 Parsons, Labette, Kansas
  • Death: 5 DEC 1982 Greely, Weld, Colorado
  • Burial: 8 DEC 1982 CO-Weld-Greeley-Sunset Memorial Garde
  • Sex: F
  • Living: N



  • Arthur Keith Jump (b.1903
  • d. 1995)


  • Living
  • Living


* Photo: Ada Troegle Jump and four Dildine cousins: Ruth, Blanche, Thelma, Ethyl * Mark Hicks * * 05/09/99

Contributed by Joanne Truitt.

* “Ada, Keith, Joanne & Lorin Jump Christmas Card”: * Mark Hicks * * 11/24/99

Dear Thelma & Phil & family Please forgive me for not writing in answer to your sweet letter & handkercheif I received away back in Sept!! Thanks so much! I know you busy people understand how hard it is to steal enought time out of the busy rush of things, in order to write letters - If we could only just “drop in” for a chat! Loved meeting you & are hoping that someday we can all have that glorious experience again! Merry Xmas to all! Love Ada & Keith

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