Susanna Claire

  • Birth: 08 NOV 1856 Ohio
  • Death: 14 JUL 1936 Parsons, Labette, Kansas
  • Burial:
  • Sex: F
  • Living: N





William married Susannah Claire in Cleveland, Cuyahoga Co., Ohio 11/1875

* Portrait of Susanna Claire * Mark Hicks * * 05/01/99

Contributed by Barbara Hill. The attached copy is twice the size.

* Joanne's research * Mark Hicks * * 04/02/99

Research by Joanne Truitt:

Susanna Claire Troegle died at the home of her daughter, Ida Kreger in Parsons Ks.

1860 Federal Census-listed with her parents, Robert & Elizabeth Claire in Cleveland, 10th ward, Cuyahoga Co., Ohio. She is 3 yrs old. Her parents and older brother, Robert and sister, Elizabeth were born in England as were her parents. She also has a younger sister Sarah less than 1 yr old.

1870 Federal Census

1875 Wm and Susannah were married 11 Nov 1875 in Cleveland, Cuyahoga, Ohio I have Marriage record.

1880 Federal Census

1885 Kansas State Census-age 28, living with husband and childrens in Parsons KS.

1895 Kansas State Census-age 40, living with husband and children in Parsons, Ks.

1900 Federal Census-age 44, listed with William and children Harry 19, Alvia 17, Ada Nina 13, Hazel 11, Orange 10 and Ida 21 (married name CaIdwell) living in Parsons, LaBette, Ks. Address is 622 N 24 and Chess Avenue. It states Susanna had 9 children, 7 living.

Jan 1904-William is killed in train accident in MO.

In the Estate papers of Wm Troegle (he died intestate) his heirs are listed as Susannah, Wm Troegle, Harry Troegle and Alvia Troegle. These papers are most interesting to read. It appears, Susannah may have had a difficult time in the courts. Her property was part of the Homestead Act. She had built a third house on the property, after Wm's death, using it for income purposes, along with the second house there. This third house is the house that remains (2028 Belmont).

1910 Federal Census-age 52, a widow and head of house. Address 2028 Belmont,Parson,Kansas. Daughter Hazel K and her husband Ralph Bailey with with her. He is a brakeman on the RR. Also a boarder Wm E Brams age 24.

1920 Federal Census-age 62, Living with daughter Ida Kreger and Ida's husband, Fred Kreger and their daughter Velma, in Parsons Ks at 2028 Belmont. This is the home that Susannah built on their property after Wm was killed. She was unable to keep it financially, so Ida and Fred bought it and she continued living there with them. (Documentation: Barbara Bolander Hill, d/o Velme Kreger Bolander.)

According to census records, Susanna said she had 9 children of which 7 were living. This is recorded in 1900 census

According to the death certificate, she died of Hypertension, Arteno Sclerosis, Chronic hepbritis. (See Death Cert/Joanne Truitt) It also gives her date of birth as 8 Nov 1846 and date of death 14 Jul 1936

Family (grandaughter's Helen and Clarice say she was born in Illinois) I have no documentation. Her 1860 listing with Darents and siblinos in Cleveland savs she was born in Ohio.

William Troegle Jr was a Katy machinist for 30 yrs at the time he left Parsons. KS. William had become a Catholic at the time of his second marriage. His funeral service was conducted at St Mary's Catholic church at Pittsburg where he was buried.

William Jr was married twice. First to Emily Jane who died Oct 20,1902. (see information on funeral home records for death of Emily Jane) She is buried in Oakwood Cemetery in Parsons, Ks.He was then married to Mamie.

1880 Census

1885 Kansas State Census-age 10, living with parents and siblings in Parsons, Ks.

1895 Kansas State Census-age 21, living with parents and siblings in Parsons, Ks.

1900 Census Listed Parsons, LaBette, Ks Married with wife Emily 1326 Chess Avenue. She was age 25 at this time, his age is listed as 24. She died in 1902. Wm gives birth state as Ohio, 1876

1910 Census Listed in Parsons, LaBette, Ks with wife Mamie and children Emma and Harold. Wm's birth state listed as Ohio. Address 2127 Washington St.

191 1-living in Parsons, Ks at the time of his sister Hazes' death.

1920 Federal Census–Age 42, Living in Pittsburg, Crawford Co., Kansas at 710 E. 8th Street. His wife Mamie age 34, daughter Emma 15 and son Harold 10. Also a “lodger” Mable Hatton age 19. William gives birth state as Ohio

At the time of his father, William Troegle's death, Wm Jr, owed Arthur C Schneichert of Parsons, Ks $130.00 plus 10% interest. Wm Sr. had co-signed the note. The note was dated 19 Dec 1903 and was due 19, Dec 1904. Wm Jr did not pay this note and as a result, the noteholder pursued the payment through the estate of Wm Sr. Susannah was forced to sell part of her property to pay this note (the actual amt awarded by court was $65.00+interest) as well as other court related costs.

* “Photo: Susanna Claire, Alvia Troegle, Pete Troegle, Velma Kreger, Margaret Troegle”: * Mark Hicks * * 05/09/99

Contributed by Joanne Truitt.

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