John Hicks

  • Birth: 6 APR 1787 Mecklenburg Co. VA
  • Death: 31 JUL 1840 Henderson Co. KY
  • Burial: KY-Henderson-Anthoston-Hicks
  • Sex: M
  • Living: N



  • Jane



Source: Diane It's possible they married 2/22/1823, in Henderson.

Spouse is likely named Jane. Real Estate Conveyances of Henderson Co KY have numerous references with “John-Jane Hicks” granting land to individuals between 1823 and 1836. Jane is not mentioned in later conveyances of 1846. Presume she has died between 1836 and 1846.

Source: Pam Groover, Va. Bch., VA Pam Groover Henderson Co., KY cemetery book “Gone But Not Forgotten”. The HICKS cemetery on Hwy 1078 is in the book. Here are the listings:

In the HICKS GRAVEYARD (Von Pritchett farm - 1 1/2 mis from Anthoston on Robards Station - Frog Island Road) Jane HICKS May 23 1794 Mar 11 1842 John HICKS Apr 06 1787 Jul 31 1840

There are other HICKS listed in this book. Let me know if you would like a copy of the other listings.

Land Divison Records of John Hicks and Children of John Hicks:

We have three sources of information: A. 1843 General Index to Real Estate Conveyances - Henderson Co. KY. Here the children of John Hicks deed land to various individuals. B. 1845 Map showing division of land among children of John Hicks C. 1846 General Index to Real Estate Conveyances - Henderson Co. KY. Here John Hicks (dec'd) deeds land to his children.

Based on these documents, the following children are established (with comments):

1. Sarah C. Lynthicum. Included in [B] and [C] documents but not included in the [A] 1843 Conveyances.

2. James L. Hicks. Included in all of the above documents.

3. Wm. S. Hicks Included in all the above documents. He is the Grantee in the [A] 1843 conveyances. His siblings are selling their land to him.

4. Sarah A. Hicks Included in all the above documents.

5. Eliza J. Hicks Included in all the above documents.

6. Margaret E. Hicks Called “Elizabeth” in [A] 1843 Conveyances. Called “Margaret E.” in [B] and [C] documents.

7. Alexander G. Hicks Included in all the above documents.

8. John G. Hicks Included in all the above documents.

9. Virginia F. Hicks Called “Virginia H.” in [A] 1843 Conveyances. Called “Virginia F” in [B] and [C] documents

10. Marcus Lee Hicks Called “Marcus L.” in [A] 1843 Conveyances. Called “Leander” in [B] and [C] documents

11. Nathaniel M. Hicks. Included in [A] and [C]. He is not in [B] because the property given to him in C is “Lt. Mill St.” and [B] is a map dividing another parcel of land.

Source: Foard Genealogy. 1. Spouse named Jane 2. DOB 1784 3. DOD 1870 4. Jane b. 1794 d. 1842 5. Son is James L. Hicks b. c1819 (age 31 in 1850 census). 6. Son James L. married Sarah A.P. Foard, daughter of Amy W. Deupree.

* “John Hicks Division of Land”: * Mark Hicks * * 06/29/2000

Provided by Linda Halmark Hicks, Henderson KY Source: INVENTORY & APPRAISAL BOOK C-PAGE 151

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