Lillie Escue Hicks

  • Birth: aft. 1870
  • Death:
  • Burial:
  • Sex: F
  • Living: N



  • John Creese
  • Rudolph Saranack



Source: Karen Cory, Sep 2006: Middle name is Escue

Phone conversation with Bob Estes 22 Dec 1999: 8. Lillie Hicks was 1/2 sister to Mary, Geo, Pete. 9. She married John Creese and then Rudolph Saranack (buried in Crandall cemetery). 10. Lillie was cremated.

SS Death Index: SCHORNACK, LILLIE 451-52-8740 Birth: 24 May 1893 Death: Sep 1985 SYRINEK, LILLIE 455-66-6923 Birth: 20 Jun 1898 Death: Jan 1980

Phone conversation with Pearl Hicks 15 Dec 1999: 1. George Hicks sister was Mary Hicks Estes. The were both half siblings of Dave Hicks 2nd. 2. George had no children. Mary's grandson was Bobby Estes. 3. George gave Bobby his dry cleaning business when he died. 4. There was a Lillie Hicks who made Bobby buy half the property in order to get a clean title for the land that George gave to Bobby. 5. Lillie Hicks had lots of character, lived in Dallas with her husband (named Rudolph?). Pearl only met her once or twice at a funeral.

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