Thomas Hunt

  • Birth: ca. 1734
  • Death:
  • Burial:
  • Sex: M
  • Living: N



  • Tabitha Cook



Source: Jeffrey Hunt.

Sussex county is the Northwest Corner of NJ. Believe it or not the area is still fairly rural and very close to the Delaware Water Gap National Park. Pretty countryside. I plan on visiting Sussex later this year now that I'm living closer to the area to “refresh” my memory.

I recognize the Dildine name from an episode in the French and Indian War that Richard Hunt was part of. In 1756 a small band of Delaware Indians from the Susquehanna Valley in Pa. raided Sussex County with the intent of capturing Richard and two other gentlemen (Harker and Swartout) based upon past relationships and the individuals loyalties to the British at the time of the war. Richard was at the home of a Mr Dildine (I assume his sister's husband) when the Indians arrived at his home. They burned the house and kidnapped his younger brother Thomas and the Negro servant. From there they moved on to the Swartout residence where some actual blood was shed. Thomas Hunt eventually reached home again in 1759 after the Treaty of Easton provided for an obligatory restoration of prisoners from the Indians.

Actual sources for the “Hunt Swartout Raid” can be found in the History of Sussex and Warren Counties, Snell, James P. 1881 Lippincott Press Philadelphia

New Jersey archives Vol.xx

Northwestern New Jersey, Vol III, Honeyman, A. Van Doren - 1927 Lewis Historical Publishing Co Inc.

Source: HUNT HOUSEHOLDS OF SUSSEX COUNTY, NEW JERSEY from Various Sources by William C. Armstrong, A.M. Author of the Armstrong Record and of the Lundy Family vol. 1 & 2 combined N.J. GENEALOGICAL MAG. 1925-27

Tabitha Cook b. 1734

Children: 1. Samuel Hunt b. 10 Oct 1780 2. Abram Hunt m. Eunice Wills 3. Thomas Hunt Jr. b. 10 Nov 1785 4. Daniel Hunt b. 4 June 1789 5. Rebecca Hunt m. William Allen 6. Sarah Hunt m. Joseph Allen. 6.1 Ann Allen m. Aaron N. Decker.

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