Charlie Morgan

  • Birth: 01 APR 1880 Kentucky
  • Death: 03 JUL 1932 Dodd City TX
  • Burial:
  • Sex: M
  • Living: N



  • Mattie Slayton
  • Zona Woods



Source: Jo Weast: m. (1) Mattie Slayton 08 Jul 1898 in Paris TX; (2) Zona Woods 17 Mar 1907 in Paris TX.

Children of Charlie Morgan and Mattie Slaton are: 1. Tommy Morgan 2. Annie Morgan

Children of Charlie Morgan and Zona Woods are: 3. Neely Morgan, b. 26 Sep 1911 4. Wilburn Morgan 5. Clara Morgan 6. Alene Morgan 7. Katie Morgan

* Decendent of Charlie Morgan * David Morgan * * 04/13/2006

Hello, My name is David Morgan and Charlie Morgan is my great grandfather. Tommy Morgan is my grangfather. He married Onie Clara Blair August 24 1924 in Paris Texas. They had five children Elmer B. Morgan born in Grant,Okla. 2/14/1926 died 8/25/1985 in Paris, Tx.,Mattie Lou born 11/21/1927 Grant,Okla. died 1/13/1993 in Lubbock,TX., Vernie Arlene born 4/14/1932 living in Lubbock, Willie Atwell born 11/26/1934 Grant died 1/3/2001, and Junior Ray born 8/11/1940 Powderly,Tx. living in Lubbock also. My father was Willie Atwell and he had a total of seven children. The children are Nita,Tommy Glenn,Misty,Tonya,David, and Roger Dale. Several years later he had daughter named Susan but she doesn't go by the Morgan name. My dad was married 4 times. He had Nita and Glenn by his first wife. Then he married another lady and i'm not sure of her name either. They never had any children. Then he married his first wife again. Then after that he married my mother Linda Fay Stephens. From my other aunts and uncles i don't have the information on there kids at this time. I live about 10 miles from Blossom,Tx. I lived for awhile when i was a kid. I was born in Lubbock in 1970 along with Misty and Tonya. Misty was 4 years older than me. She died at the age of 35 it was a little over a year after my dad. Tonya is 3 years older than me. Dale is 4 years younger than me. My grandfather,grandmother,uncle Elmer,my dad,and my sister were buried at Red Hill Cemetary in Powderly,Tx. If anyone would like somemore info feel free to e-mail me. It would nice to be able to meet some of my kin that I never have met.

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