Richard Pennington

  • Birth: 1752
  • Death: 21 DEC 1813 Sparta (White County) Tn.
  • Burial:
  • Sex: M
  • Living: N





2nd husband of Hannah Boone. Married Ca. 1777 rowan County, N.C. Other children were 1. Daniel Pennington b. 12/03/1781 2. John Stewart Pennington b. 06/10/1784 3. Abigail Pennington b. 01/24/1787.


Pennington Research Association

                      Ephraim, b. 1720 NC

Family Group #4 Ephraim, b. 1720 NC Group Leader: Hal Pennington

4. Richard PENNINGTON was born about 1752 in PA and died on 21 Dec 1813 in Sparta, White Co., TN. He appears in the roster of Capt. Osborne's militia of 1780. Richard PENNINGTON married Hannah BOONE on 5 May 1777 in Salisbury, Rowan Co., NC. Hannah BOONE was born 24 Aug. 1746 in Berks Co., PA. She was the daughter of Squire BOONE and Sarah MORGAN, youngest sister of the famous Daniel BOONE. Hannah had been married to John STEWART before he was killed while on an expedition with a Daniel BOONE party. They had four daughters before he died: Sarah b. 1765 (m. John OSBORN), Mary b. 1766 (m. Solomon OSBORN), Rachel b. 1768 (m. James KING), and Ann b.25 Feb. 1770 (m. James LEWIS). Hannah died 7 Apr 1828 in Tompkinsville, Monroe Co., KY and was buried in Monroe Co., KY, Old Mulkey Cemetery. Richard PENNINGTON and Hannah BOONE had the following children:

   Joshua P. PENNINGTON (1778-about 1868) 
   Daniel Boone PENNINGTON (1781-1865) 
   John Stewart PENNINGTON (1784-1859) 
   Abigale PENNINGTON (1787-about 1840)

Source:Names, Religions and Migrations of the Penningtons By Robert E. Sloan

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   Volume 10-2, pages 1-12 in October 1978 and again in the New Member
   Information booklet that was created in 1994.  Much of the thinking about many of
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on 7 Aug. 1797 Hannah and Richard and their children left Wilkes County for Fayette County, KY, nine miles north of Lexington on Little North Elkhorn Creek. They stayed there until September 1798 when they moved to Barren (later Monroe) County, KY on Line Creek near Gamaliel on the KY-TN border (Map 4). Daniel was to stay on that farm through at least February 1853. That was the longest time any of this footloose bunch ever stayed put. The children spread up and down the Cumberland River and the Caney Fork of the Cumberland and were the pioneers of the major Pennington migration route.

* Notes on Richard Pennington Ancestry * Mark Hicks * * 10/01/99

From Pennington Family Genealogy Forum:

Re: Richard/Ephriam(which one)? Posted by: Martha Tyler Graham Date: September 30, 1999 at 05:38:27 In Reply to: Richard's father Ephriam(which one)? by Sherrie Wallace


Have not been following all of the postings, and can't tell you about the Nashville people you mentioned or the woman you first called “Kada”. However, I note that you're also looking for a Richard Pennington, married to a Hannah Boone. You say his father was Ephriam. I believe Ephriam may have been his grandfather and his father may have been Benejah.

I have very few family documents and have forgotten much of the family lore told me by older relatives. However, a great deal of genealogy info is contained in the Morman church file on my great grandmother, Martha Elken Graham. It's information based to some extent on the records of Lee County, VA, where my ggrandmother was born and raised. She was also a DAR member, so some materials may also be on file in the archives of that organization. The Morman file suggests other geographical locations where you might find traces of the family (NC, NJ and certainly New Haven, CT.)

My Martha's mother was America Pennington, a descendent of several Ephriam's and before that of John Brockett of England and New Haven. Her records show the Pennington's came from England. They may well have been members of some religious community like the Quakers, for John Brockett (whose daughter married our second Ephriam Pennington) was one of the Puritan fathers of New Haven. I'm sorry I can't help you more there.

Anyway, if you are looking for my Richard Pennington, I think my great grandmother's information will be interesting. The easiest way to access her full pedigree is to go to the Mormon online genealogy service and look up her son and my great uncle, Paul Hamilton, b. circa 1902. Once you are in his file, click onto Martha's name and then onto her pedigree.

Next, trace back through her mother, America, to Thomas, Edward, Micajah and then Benejah Pennington. If you click onto the family Benejah had with Elizabeth, the first child listed is a Richard, born between 1748-52. Click his name, you'll find his spouse was Hannah Boone. By clicking onto her name, you will find she also married a John Stewart at some point.

Hope this helps; would love to hear of your progress. I write, too, for a living. Only wish I had the gumption to tackle a film script. Will look forward to one day seeing yours on the screen.

All the best, Martha Tyler Graham

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