Jane Rutherford

  • Birth: 04 JAN 1840 Ky
  • Death: JUN 1919 Blossom (Lamar County) Tx
  • Burial: TX-Lamar-Blossom-Knights of Honor Cemetery
  • Sex: F
  • Living: N





Source: Charlie Abernathy charlieaber@prodigy.net: 1900 Census. Lamar county TX Jane (Rutherford) Morgan listed as having 8 children with 5 still living. John Henry Morgan and Ruben Morgan are unmarried and living with her. 1910 Census. Lamar county TX Jane (Rutherford) Morgan listed as living with John Henry Morgan family on Blossom and Linden road.

Had a sister, brother. Came from slave owners in Ky. Fantastic portrait is in Mark's office, waiting for photographer to duplicate.

Source: Ethel Doyle: Referrs to her as Jane Rutledge. Ethel remembers her grandmother telling of: 1. Riding a horse to dances and stopping before reaching the dance location to change into her dance dress. 2. Her family members fighting in the Civil War on the southern side. 3. Meeting her husband and falling in love with him before she learned that he had fought on the Northern side and was a “Damn Yankee”.

Source: Jo Weast: I think that she, Jane Rutherford just made that little story up about falling in love with a yankie. In all of my reserch the Morgans and Rutherfords are entertwined. I believe that the families knew each other and due to the civil war Jane R. was very close to being and old maid and that was not a very popular state to be in those days. George W. was still in the army at the time and was a widower and she was probably glad to get the offer. They were married on Oct.6,1864 and on November 10, 1864 he applied for a twenty day leave. Later in December he mustered out of the army.

Source: Jo Weast: Burial: Knights of Honor Cemetery, Blossom TX

Source: Genealogical History of the Rutherford Family; Wm Kenneth Rutherford & Anna Clay Rutherford

* “Photo of Jane Rutherford”: * Mark Hicks * mhicks@bizmark.com * 05/12/99

Original portrait is in possession of Glen & Phyllis Hicks. Attached scanned image is MUCH larger. Note: We had a photographer shoot this portrait and we'll be happy to send you a 4”x6” print. Call or write. Be sure to let us know how you are related in the family tree.

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