Fredricka Schleifer Bauer

  • Birth: 20 FEB 1859 St. Louis, Mo.
  • Death: ca. 1959
  • Burial:
  • Sex: F
  • Living: N





“Aunt Rick” Moved to St. Louis. Lived with a sister of Grandma Schleifer's sister. Husband was a stockbroker. Killed himself in 1929.

Children: 1. Gussie Bauer. Deceased St. Louis 2. Florence Bauer 13900 Clayton Road, Manchester, Mo. 63011 (rest home). 3. Lettie Bauer Braun (Mrs. Adolph Braun). Deceased 3.1 Charlotte Braun. Chicago. 3.2 Virginia Braun Keithley (Mrs. Jack R. Keithley). Office Address: Keithley Bros. Inc, 1601 S. 39th St. Leuks, Mo.

Other info: Two grandaughters living: Mr. & Mrs. Art Stuckenling; 3792 Hope Terrace; Santa Barbara Ca 93110 Harris D. Moss; 10915 Darling Road; Ventura, Ca 93003

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