Ann E Slayton

  • Birth: 1830 Henderson KY
  • Death:
  • Burial:
  • Sex: F
  • Living: N





Source: Marcus L. Hicks b.1828 Henderson KY. Annie E. Slayton b.1830 Henderson KY. Married Marcus L. Hicks 21 Sep 1848 Child: John C. Hicks b. May 1950

On Anne's side, I BELIEVE her father is Daniel Slayden. There are about 37 different spellings of this surname. IF he is her father, then his father is John Sladyen from VA. There is a book in our library on the descendants of Arthur and Rachel Muirfield Sladyen. I tried for months to find my John in that book. He's there, but there is hardly any info on him. Arthur and Rachel show up in a VA parish register book for births and deaths of their children. His father was John Sladden/Sladding. Her parents were Daniel Muirfield and Rachel Cocker.

Their son Arthur married Rosamund Pugh (possibly her father was Willoughby). They moved to Kentucky and some of their children, including our John, stayed in KY, while others moved with them to Wilkes Co., GA (which is now Washington Co.)

Their original log cabin was still being used around 1950 ( as a smoke house). There is a family cemetery on property. Wilkes is 2 counties away from where my mother-in-law lives. I'll be checking there soon.

According to some new “cousins”, they left some children in Boone Co., KY. I haven't found any yet. I'm working on Anne Slaton's mother. According to the LDS website, she is Rebecca Fox. BUT she was born in 1790 and she had children in 1812,1814,1828,1830. Anne was born in 1830. That time period seems odd to me. I'm wondering if there was a second wife that had the last 2 children. I have found a lot of mistakes on-line, so I'm trying to be carefull in what I tell you.

My ggrandfather had a sister. I didn't know that. My Dad knew her and her children, but forgot about her. At, I found her grandaughter and my Dad even knew her father! It's a small world. But, she had a lot of info posted on the web that was wrong. I knew because I grew up with the people she wrote about. As I confirm new pieces of in, I'll let you know. You can find a lot of these people on the LDS site, I have a copy of John Sladyen and Arthur Sladyen's wills. I'll make you a copy. I think I still have your address. If I can't make a gedcom, I'll upload a report for you.

Your cousin, Diane

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