William R. Troegle

  • Birth: OCT 1852 New York
  • Death: 20 JAN 1904 Sedalia, Pettis, Missouri
  • Burial:
  • Sex: M
  • Living: N





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* Wm. Troegle Obit 20 Jan 1904 * Mark Hicks * mhicks@bizmark.com * 04/02/99

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Contributed by Joanne Truitt:

William Troegle was an engineer on the Katy Flyer on the MKT RR line. He was taking the train to the World's Fair in St Louis, Mo when a disgruntled, fired RR employee sabatoged the rails, causing the train to derail. The accident occured 1/19/1904 in Boonville, Mo. William was moved to the RR hospital in Sedalia, Mo where William survived until 1/20/1904. He had been an employee of the MKT RR for 29 years. (See newspaper articles regarding train wreck and subsequent trial)

Documentation: Southern Methodist Univ, DeGolyer Library, Dallas, TX, Kay Bost, Curator. Specifics of the engine involved in the train wreck are: Engine #316 was built by Baldwin Locomotive Works in 1902, builder's number 21040. It was part of a group of ten wheeled, 4-6-0 passenger engines purchased in 1902 as engines Nos. 308-317, inclusive. Mechanical specifications included cylinders of 20 x 26 inches, 72 inch drive wheels (centers 66 inches), weight on drivers of 123,200 pounds, total engine weight of 163,200 pounds, engine and tender of 295,200 pounds. Working steam pressure was 200 psi. Tractive power was 24,600 pounds. Total length of engine and tender was 68 feet and 9.5 inches. Tender carried 6,500 gallons of water and 12 tons of coal. Engine NO.316 was later renumbered to No.256. The engine was dismantled at Parsons, Kansas in March of 1931.

According to the marriage license, TROEGLE was spelled TROEGELE The 1884-85 City Directory of Parsons, Ks spelling TROGLE, living on the corner of Chess and Twenty-fourth. Also, a Charles Trogle is living literally next door. (This is a younger brother of William)

It appears William was born in New York. His tombstone indicates he was born 1852. His date of birth varies according to Census records.

William married Susannah Claire in Cleveland, Cuyahoga Co., Ohio 11/1875. Two of his children, Wm Jr and Ida were born in Ohio. They then moved to Sedalia Mo. in abt 1880, where son Harry was born. He began his career with the MKT RR as a brakeman, but at the expiration of three months, went to firing. In 1885 he began running an engine. At the time of the fatal accident, he had been employed by MKT RR 29 years. According to the accounts of the train wreck and his death, he and his family had lived Parsons, KS for a good number of years.

1860 Census No Troegle in NY, Iowa, Illinois, or Ohio. Looked thru Cleveland, Brooklyn twp, Ohio and found none. (14/9 reel #954 and #953-not always legible.)

1870 Federal Census-Living with parents, Joseph and Usala TROEGELE, Ward 12, Cleveland, Cuyahoga Co. Ohio. His age is listed as 17? and occupation tinsmith. His father was a carpenter. Joseph from Wurttenberg and Ursala from Baden. Siblings-Mary 14, Joseph 13, Caroline 10, and Charles 7-all but William born in Ohio.

1880 Census No Troegle in Ohio Ward 9-12, NY, Mo, Texas, Indiana, Illinois, or Kansas The census for Sedalia. Pettis Co., Mo was not very ledgible. I suspect they were living in Cleveland or Sedalia but unable to find.

1884-85 Directory of City of Parsons, Ks–Spelled William TROGLE, living on corner of Chess and Twenty-fourth, engineer. Also–Charles TROGLE, fireman living Chess between Twenty-third and Twenty-fourth. (This is Wm's brother)

1885 State Census - living in Parsons, KS,age listed as 32, having come to Kansas from Missouri, born in New York. His occupation listed as engineer. Wife Susannh. Children listed- William 10,Ida 9, Harry 5, and AIva 1. Harry born in Mo, Wm and Ida born in Ohio and Alvia in Ks.

1895 State Census-age 44, living Parsons, Ks. Engineer. Susanna age 40, born Ohio, Wm age 12, Ida 17, Harry 13, Alvia 10, Nina 8, Hazel 6, and Orange 4.

1900 Federal Census-Living 622 N 24 & Chess Avenu~Parsons, LaBette, Kansas. Lists NY as place of birth and both his parents born in Germany. His age is listed as 48. Susannah indicates she has had 9 children, 7 of which are living. Dau hter Ida Troegle CaIdwell is living with them, shown married 4 ears and one child not living.

January 1904-Wm is killed in train wreck in Boonville, MO. Wm died Intestate. I have a copy of the estate papers.

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