Ida Mamie Troegle

  • Birth: 17 DEC 1877 Cleveland, Cuyahoga, Ohio
  • Death: ca. 1953 Fredonia, Wilson, Kansas
  • Burial:
  • Sex: F
  • Living: N



  • Frederick Herman Kreger


  • Living


Photo: 2028 Belmond Ave, Parsons Kansas. Our Happy House - mother, Fred, Ida, baby Velma

* Joanne's research * Mark Hicks * * 04/02/99

Research received from Joanne Truitt:

COMMENT: Lived in Fredonia, Kansas in 1952 She died at the home of her daughter, Mrs George (Velma) Bohlander of Fredonia. She was buried in Parsons, Kansas, Memorial Lawn Cemetery

In 1888, at the time of her sister Hazel's death, she and Fred were living at 111 S. 27th Street, Parsons, KS.

At the time of William Troegle's death, Fred & Ida owned a home at 2021 Belmont in Parsons. They purchased the home that Susanna built after Wm was killed at 2028 Belmont and moved in, taking care of Susanna. According to the Estate papers of Wm Troegle, Susanna had built a third house on the property, Homestead Property, after Wm's death. This was the home that Ida and Fred bought at the time of the settlement of the estate. This was 2028 Belmont, Parsons, Ks.

She and husband, Fred Kreger, lived for many years in the “family home” at 2028 Belmont, Parsons, Ks. After her husbands death, she lived with her daughter, Vel ma Bohlander, (Mrs George) and grandaughter, Barbara in Fredonia, Kansas.

1885 Kansas State Census-age 9, living with parents and siblings in Parsons, Ks.

1895 Kansas State Census-age 17, living with parents and siblings in Parsons, Ks.

1900 Federal Census, Ida was aged 21 yrs, living with her parents and her names is listed as “Ida M. CaIdwell”.. Also indicates she had been married 4 years and had one child-not living.

1902 Ida and Fred Kreger are married.

They lived in Shreveport, LA for two years after they were marrried and then returned to Parsons, KS. (Documentation) Barbara Bolander Hill. At the time of Wm Troegle's death, Susanna was visiting in LA-probably Ida

1910 Federal Census-

191 1-According to the obit for Hazel Troegle Bailey, sister of Ida, Ida & Fred lived at 111 South 21st Street, Parsons.

1920 Federal Census-Ida age 40, and Fred H Kreger age 44, living at 2028 Belmont in Parsons Ks with a daughter Velma L, age 4, born in Missouri. Also Ida's mother Susanna Troegle living with her. Her mother died at her home. Fred lists place of birth as Michigan and that he is a RR engineer.

Documentation of Birth: Record of birth Film #0877902 pg 245. Cuyahoga Countv. Cleveland Ohio. Ward 10. DOB 12/17/1877. Recorded 617/1878

* Photo. Ida Kreger, Alvia Troegle, Pete Troegle, Barbara Bolander. * Mark Hicks * * 05/09/99

Contributed by Barbara Truitt.

* Ida Troegle Obit * Mark Hicks * * 04/02/99

* “Photo: Ida Troegle Kreger, Alvia Troegle, Susanna Troegle, Velma Kreger, Margaret Troegle”: * Mark Hicks * * 05/09/99

Contributed by Joanne Truitt.

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