Harry E. Troegle

  • Birth: FEB 1881 Missouri
  • Death: 29 NOV 1939 Portland, Multinomah, Oregon
  • Burial:
  • Sex: M
  • Living: N



  • Blanche H.



No children.

* Harry Troegle Obit * Mark Hicks * mhicks@bizmark.com * 04/02/99

* Joanne's research * Mark Hicks * mhicks@bizmark.com * 04/02/99

Research by Joanne Truitt:

Harry Troegle was employed in the shops of the Katy RR in Parsons KS until he retired for health reasons. He then wrote Masonic Insurance. He left Parsons, Ks about 1909 and lived in Portland, Ore.

1880 Federal Census

1885 Kansas State Census-ages, living with parents and siblings in Parsons, Kansas

1895 Kansas State Census-age 13, living with parents and siblings in Parsons, Ks.

1900 Soundex/Federal Census–Living at home with parents- indicates Harry was born Missouri year 1881. This could be Sedalia, Mo? He indicates his father was born in New York and mother in Ohio.

1910 Federal Census

1911 At the time of the death of his sister, Hazel in Parsons, Ks, Harry is listed as living in Poplar Bluffs, MO.

1920 Federal Census Living 424 Clay St, Portland, Multnomah, Oregon. He gives age as 38 and again lists MO as place of birth, and wife Blanch H aged 36, born in Ohio. No children listed. Their home was rented, he lists occupation as coppersmith with RR.

* “Harry, Blanche Toegle with Chas Fletcher, Nina Dildine”: * Mark * 07/26/2005

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