Ada Nina Troegle

  • Birth: 04 SEP 1886 Parsons, Labette, Kansas
  • Death: 25 MAY 1970 Pleasant Hill, Contra Costa, Ca
  • Burial: 28 MAY 1970 CA-Contra Costa-Lafayette-Oakmont Mem Park
  • Sex: F
  • Living: N





See family photo under Wm Valentine Dildine Oakmont Memorial Park, Lafayette, Contra Costa Country, California

Fletcher, Nina, Ethel, Ruth and Thelma Dildine

Harry, Blance Troegle with Chas Fletcher, Nina Dildine

Elsa, Ernest, William Valentine, Charles Fletcher, Muzzie, Ada Nina Troegle Photo

Source: Sue Zeni.

* Correspondence from 2nd cousin * Mark Hicks * * 03/25/99


      Re: Seeking Ada Nina Troegle
      Wed, 24 Mar 1999 22:29:52 EST

In a message dated 3/24/99 6:59:40 PM Central Standard Time, writes:


Yes. She is my great-grandmother. I have very warm, early memories of
her (mid 1950's).

I've been working on a family tree website for the past 3-4 days.
You can access it at:


What a surprise! I've forwarded your note (above) to descendants of Nina's brothers Alvia (Barbara Hill) and Orange (Cathy Troegle Pettibon). Both are interested in genealogy. I've wondered what happened to Nina—-all we knew was that she had gone to California.

Where do you live? Orange's (he was called “Pete”) descendants are pretty much in Kansas and Texas. Four of five of his children are living—-Oran (my father-in-law) passed away on May 6, 1996. The oldest living child is Helen, who is as sharp as a tack, who is in her 80's. My mother-in-law, Evelyn Troegle, lives here in Dallas.

Later, Brenda

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* “Photo: Ada Nine Troegle with Children [1923]”: * Mark Hicks * * 08/03/99

Click on icon for very high resolution image. Contributed by Uncle Howard Dildine. Thanks!

* Correspondence from 2nd cousin * Mark Hicks * * 03/24/99


      Ada Nina Troegle
      Wed, 24 Mar 1999 19:55:38 EST

Dear Mary,

I received an e-mail from Nancy Carter with you inquiry regard Ada Nina Troegle. My mother was Ada Mable Troegle, daughter of Alvia Troegle, who was the brother of Ada Nina Troegle. I would be glad to share what data I have with you. I have done quite a bit of searching and have found good documented information on she and Fletcher and family. I look forward to hearing from you.

             Joanne Truitt

* Photo: Ada Nina Troegle Dildine * Mark Hicks * * 05/09/99

Sent by Joanne Truitt. Attached file is much larger resolution.

* Nina Dildine with 3 Daughters and niece Ada Troegle Jump * Mark Hicks * * 05/09/99

Contributed by Joanne Truitt.

* “Photo: Ada Nina Troegle Dildine. Aged 17 years.”: * Mark Hicks * * 07/19/99

Howard Dildine has the original. Icon to right is high resolution:

* Joanne's research * Mark Hicks * * 04/02/99

Research by Joanne Truitt:

1895-Kansas State Census-age 8, living with parents and siblings in Parson,Labette,KS.

1900 Federal Census–listed with parents and siblings in Parsons, Ks, aged 13

1904-June 19, Charles Fletcher & Nina Dildine are married in Parsons, Kansas. Documentation of Mamag~license records from Parsons, LaBette, Ks.

1910 Federal Census–listed in Shasta Co., Ca (this is NE CA) with husband Charles Fletcher Dildine and three children, Thelma age 4, both in Kansas & Ethel M age 2 and Ada R, age NR both born in CA.

1911-at the time of death of her sister, Hazel Kirk Troegle Bailey in Parsons, Ks, Nina and family lived in Kennett CA.

1920 Federal Census–listed in Oakland, Alameda Co., CA, with husband and 5 children: Thelma age 14 born in KS, Ethel 12, Ruth 10, Howard 4, and Blanche 2 all born in CA. Also William and Carrie Dildine, her father and Mother-in-law both aged 64.

Nina visited her brother and family, Alvia Troegle (my maternal Grandfather) in Bloomington, III sometime in the 1940's. I have picture. My Mother also visited Nina and her family in CA in the 1950's. I have pictures of their visit.

Nina was alive in 1952 in Walnut Creek, CA at the time of brother Alvia's death. She was alive and living in Oakland Ca in 1953 at the time of her sister Ida's death. She was also alive in 1963 at the time of her brother Orange H. Troegle died. She was living in Walnut Creek, CA.

In later life she lived with daughter and son-in-law O.E.Schirmer at 3474 Monroe Ave, LaFayette,Contra Costra,CA. (Documentation-Family address book) Date unknown

Death Certificate indicates she died of cerebravascular insufficency. She died at Casa Bonita Convelescent Hosp., 550 Patterson Blvd, Pleasant HiII,Contra Costra,CA. Her residence was 285 Oak Park Lane, Pleasant Hill, Contra Costra,CA. The informant was: Mrs Nina Belmessiere, 740 Glenside Circle, Lafayette, CA. She was buried at Oakmont Memorial Park, Lafayette, CA

Her Social Security #552-07-9176. She had lived in this county 17 years and in CA 64 yrs. She was age 83 at time of death.

* Ida Mamie Troegle Kreger * Barbara Hill * * 03/28/99

Hi! Brenda sent your web address. My grandmother, Ida Mamie, was Nina's sister. I have some pictures that I will snail mail if you are interested.

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